Linux Browsers JavaScript Benchmark

By | April 1, 2009

After seeing plenty of web browsers benchmark results on Windows platform, I have decided to test them myself on Linux instead. In the first part we will be using the most popular JavaScript benchmark: Sunspider.

Testing environment

AMD Turion 64 x2 TL-60 (2 GHZ, dual core)

Ubuntu GNU/Linux 8.04 (Hardy Heron), 32 bit (up to date).

Tested Browsers:
Firefox 3.0.7, Firefox 3.0.8, Epiphany 2.22.2, Galeon 2.0.4, Midori 0.0.17, Opera 10 Alpha Build 4214, Crossover Chromium Developer Build 21.

Due to issues with Konqueror 4.0.3 (was getting the signal 11 (SIGSEGV)), I was not able to finish testing it.

The tests were ran once on a cold startup, cleared cache and no background applications running.

I have decided tu put Firefox 3.0.7 and 3.0.8 because I noticed a decline in speed from an earlier version.

Here are the results:
Browser Accuracy (+-)
Firefox 3.07 (6.70%)
Firefox 3.08 (6.80%)
Epiphany 2.22.2 (8.50%)
Galeon 2.0.4 (2.80%)
Midori 0.0.17 (8.00%)
Opera alpha 10 build 4214 (6.90%)
Crossover Chromium Developer build 21 (7.20%)

After seeing results, it’s quite clear that Chromium wins big by outperforming Galeon by more than 4x times and it’s closest competitor Epiphany by 2x.

I ran the test again with some browsers and I got way different results. For example: Opera getting 9694.0 instead of 11780.6 but with Turbo enabled or Firefox geting 6721 instead of 7319.

Click here for the browsers results (.txt)


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  1. Foo says:

    Why no nightly Firefox? It’s just a simple extract and startup, no compiling required.
    There’s also nightly builds available for the 3.5 branch.

  2. Lettlurt says:

    Opera is loosing this js speed test now aganins the browser with new js engine. Opera still use the old Peregrine js engine in Opera 10a. But they are working on a new js engine Carakan ( that is reported to bee 50 times faster then Peregrine in some test. Opera has a history ( for being the fastest browser. And I don’t think they will give away that without a fight.

  3. Lettlurt says:

    ups! the old name of Opera’s js engine is Futhark, Peregrine is the project name of Opera 10

  4. xErath says:

    More javascript benchmarks…. yawn……. yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn….

  5. Grrblt says:

    Agree with xerath. We know that Chrome and Safari are kicking everyone’s ass in javascript right now. Until something new happens, can we please get some benchmarks on anything else? There are many factors to how fast your page loads. Javascript may be important but it isn’t the only one.

  6. rdb says:

    well Opera was the King ! it will also be !!