Latest Opera 20 Developer Build Receives A New Installer

By | January 11, 2014

Latest Opera 20 Developer Build Receives A New InstallerNow here’s an interesting way to prioritize web browser features.

Despite the fact that Opera still lacks some of the essential features, it looks like (some of the) guys behind it have decided to go the other way and work on a new installer instead.

Currently available for Windows users only, what it does is pull the latest available build from the Opera servers. Also, in case of a network failure or other connection related problems, the installer will keep on trying to download the most recent version.

As far as other important changes go, there aren’t any, at least yet.

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  1. d4rkn1ght says:

    Opera jumped the shark long ago.

  2. Rafael Luik says:

    The question is, as always, are these “essential features” “essential” by who’s standards?

    How would one user be able to use any features at all if his connection drops packets and he gets a corrupted installer?
    This new network installer is essential going back to the roots of the web browser distribution, it’s a feature that acts even before the installation with the objective of assuring the user will get the web browser downloaded and installed correctly. It isn’t any less essential than any other thing you might want to mention.

  3. 3e32er3 says:

    “The full installer will still be made available for offline installations. Why you would ever do an offline installation of a web browser is beyond me, but there is always that one case where it is needed.”

    This really seems coming as the result of a internal war between Opera people where the people that defended the browser should be installable offline had won the battle!