June, 2013 Desktop Market Share: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari – Up; Firefox, Opera – Down

By | July 6, 2013 | 8 Comments

New month brings new data, let’s take a look.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to do well, it has since surpassed the 56% mark, up from 55.98% to 56.15% (0.17 point increase).

Just like in the last 12 months, Firefox is stuck at the 20% mark, down from 20.63% to 19.15% (1.48 point increase).

Breaking its long downtrend, Google Chrome is up by 1.43 points, from 15.74% to 17.17%.

Apple’s Safari too saw an increase in its numbers, up from 5.46% to 5.55% (0.09 point increase).

Opera on the other hand took a pretty significant downturn as its market share has decreased by 0.19 point, from 1.77% to 1.58%.

That’s all for now, folks.

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  • correction

    Firefox (1.48 DECREASE)

    • Tiago Sá

      It’s going down baby, they’re going down like a dodo. Serves them right for copying Chrome and removing customization and shit.

      • http://my.opera.com/d4rkn1ght d4rkn1ght

        The same could be said now about the new Opera. :(

        • Tiago Sá

          Of course, works the same for everyone. If you build your reputation on being customizable, and suddenly stop being so, you’ll fall.

          The same principle applies for any quality.

          I can only imagine what would happen if Chrome would suddenly stop being a bloated, ineffective pile of mainstream crap. Their market share would drop bellow zero, most def!

  • Mehran

    Leaving FF in favor of IE is like leaving USA in order to live in Pakistan!

    I don’t believe this statistics, just see how cheesy it is

    • Douglas Ryan

      Browser marketshare has never been a reliable statistic.

  • Daniel

    This is a big slap in the face for O15. And, frankly, they deserve it.

    • http://my.opera.com/rafaelluik Rafael

      Opera 15 has been launched in July 2nd, July isn’t even in the stats yet.