July, 2009 – IE Continues to Fall, Chrome Surpasses Opera, Safari Market Share

By | August 3, 2009

New month and new market share data. Lets get it going.

Breaking through 60% barrier, Internet Explorer lost more market share, this time by 1.02 point, from 59.49% to 58.47%

Celebrating 1 billion downloads last week; Firefox increased its market share by 1.32, from 30.33% to 31.65%

Due to unknown reasons, Opera took a massive dive and fell by 0.66, from 3.36% to 2.7%

Just like Firefox, Chrome is also doing well. After increasing its market share by 0.41, from 2.82% to 3.23%, it has surpassed both, Opera and Safari web browsers market share.

Safari popularity is growing. This time its market share went up from 2.93% to 2.98% (0.09 point increase).

July, 2009 – IE continues to fall, Chrome surpasses Opera Market Share


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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    Nice stats there.

    One thing I’m starting to worry about is how Firefox’s popularity is starting to affect it’s quality… I think it was about time they stopped focusing in features and started giving more attention to bugfixes and standards. Just like they did with Fx3.5

    Hopefully, this will help reduce the growing known vulnerabilities any famous browser has, and also reduce how many people use it, because they are likely to shift for flashier crappier browsers like chorme “because firefox is ugly and doesn’t have cool anymations and still haves the menues bares”.

  2. nobody says:


  3. nobody says:

    that opera dive might has something to do with ‘reinventing the web blunder’ – that was simply one step too far for some maybe?

    other than that, I cant really tell how is Ie share dropping, if the graph shows clear signs of growth.

    maybe IE8 is good enough for some recent Opera users? maybe win7 RC has something to do with it?

    chrome popularity amazes me, this isnt a good product, but it certainly is most innovative nowadays – i sure do hope others start copying chrome interface ideals. it is so refreshingly clean..

    [something ate my comment]

    • Daniel Hendrycks says:

      I doubt Unite made Opera fall. I am not sure but I think people prefer the latest stable releases of other browsers rather than the latest stable release of Opera.

    • Graph updated.

      I would say it’s because of the MS/EU thing, but who knows…

  4. Rafael says:

    I think Opera is falling because it’s actually “out-of-date”. (It’s last final version 9.64 is old compared to other browsers.

    Chrome is featureless, I think it’s going up because of it’s marketing around Google websites and ads.

  5. FataL says:

    Vygantas Lipskas:
    I think now you can use two market share statistics sources for your monthly revievs, since NetApplications finally fixed (or at least try to do so) their statistics: http://marketshare.hitslink.com/weighting.aspx

  6. Rafael says:

    Cool, I’m aways blocked by spam filter, I think I’m going to start sending real spam! haushaushauhuhu

    Opera do not falls, the other browser that ups, it’s caused cause many people use multiple browsers.

  7. Omid Sadeghi says:

    I use Chrome but maybe when version 4 of Firefox is released, I will migrate to Firefox.

    Maybe at the end of 2009, Firefox superpasses Internet explorer.

    If version 4 is released it it will have both functionality of previous versions and also beauty of Chrome.

  8. Hector Macias Ayala says:

    You wrote “I think Opera is falling because it’s actually “out-of-date”. (It’s last final version 9.64 is old compared to other browsers.”

    How come? so 9.64 is old compared to 3.0.197 or to 3.5.2 or even old compared to 8.

    Then according to you 10.00.1708 would be even older?

    “Chrome is featureless, I think it’s going up because of it’s marketing around Google websites and ads.” You’re completely right about this one. And Chrome sucks.