Is Opera Metro For Windows 8 In Development? Windows Phone 8 Version Planned

By | May 16, 2012

Opera Metro For Windows 8 In Development? Windows Phone 8 Version Planned

Don’t get too excited, speculations and rumors.

Now here is something to kick start your day. As you might know, Windows Phone 7.5 does not have a native code kit (NDK), which limits your choice to IE and IE based web browsers.

However, things will change later this year as according to the leaked presentation, Windows Phone 8 will finally support a native code and solve one of the underlying issues with WP7.

How is this related to Opera? Well, in one of the Windows Phone suggestions (titled “Allow alternative browsers like Opera Mobile to enter the Marketplace”), Opera employee had said some interesting things, we quote:

I work at Opera Software and, whilst I can’t comment on what we’re doing and what we’re not, I can confirm that I’ve also upvoted this feedback.

Currently, Microsoft offer an SDK to software developers. This will allow people to create apps that appear to be a new web browser – such as the ones in the Marketplace to date – but they’re actually using IE as the base. If you wish to create a web browser based off another rendering engine, you’ll need an NDK – so I’m told – which Microsoft has not yet made available.

However, in saying that, if you search the web, you’ll find that someone has already unofficially ported Opera Mobile and Opera Mini to Windows Phone 7. You can install these versions if you have an unbranded version of the Windows Phone OS. I recommend that you wait for official releases though.

While this does add some fuel to our speculation fire, here is where things get really interesting: the app porting from Windows 8 to Windows Phone and vice versa is ridiculously easy, at least if you know what you are doing. In fact, one of the developers used as much as 90% of the Windows Phone code to port a game to Windows 8.

So, considering that at least one of the Opera employees would like to see a Windows Phone 8 version of the Opera Mobile and the fact that porting apps is extremely easy, we see no reason why Opera would not do both.

What do you think?

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  1. GiveADamnEr says:

    We don’t give a damn.
    Just kidding.
    But anyway, why is there a fuss about it if it’s already unofficially ported?

  2. MacVities says:

    Does anyone actually care?

    Windows Phone has no real users (lots of Microsoft employees pretending to be users, but no real paying customers), and Windows 8 is going to flop hard on tablets, and on PC’s everyone will just turn that metro shit off.

    • Guestyguest says:

      Solemn truth.

    • Prevacator says:

       I care. Not about Opera but about a possible NDK. I would love to use Firefox on my Windows Phone.

      Yes, I have a Windows Phone. No, I do not work at Microsoft.

      Yes you are a blithering idiot.

      • jayjam says:

        I think that’s the point. No one really wants Windows Phone phones.

      • Richie says:

        No, the point is Prevacator is just a cheap ass who can’t wait till he saves enough to buy an iPhone.

        • Prevacator says:

          Why would I want an iPhone? Do you think iPhones are expensive or something? They’re the same price as literally every other phone because of carrier subsidies. Do you think it’s some kind of Ultra expensive, exclusive device for only those original snow flakes to purchase?

          Or maybe you’re just an idiot. No, I’ll stick with Windows Phone as it has much better services and I have no invention of being roped into the Apple graveyard, err, I mean garden.

          • Richie says:

             Ehh, you’re just a close-minded jealous bore.

          • Owning Apple product has nothing to do with your income. Personally, I am yet to meet a rich person
            (talking about millions of dollars) who has an iPhone, they are using something else, be it Android, BB or Windows Phone.

            iPhone is more like a fake gold rather than a status symbol, no one talks about it but everyone knows.

          • Prevacator says:

            Thank you for proving my point so utterly succinctly. I could not have done it without such a self-proclaimed, artistically creative little snowflake such as yourself.

            Bravo sir, Bravo.

          • Mkk says:

            In reply to post below: the daughter of Bill Gates has one.