Internet Explorer, Opera Loses, Firefox, Safari, Chrome Gains, Jan 2009

By | February 2, 2009

It is time to check how web browsers market share is doing in the first month of 2009.

Internet Explorer continues its trend with a loss of 0.6%, from 68.15 to 67.55.

Firefox has grabbed an extra of 0.19% market share, from 21.34% to 21.53%

The biggest gainer this month is Safari with an increase of 0.36%, from 7.93% to 8.29%

Google Chrome managed to increase its market share by 0.08% which is 1.12% now.

Opera has lost 0.01% of its market share, from 0.71% to 0.70%

It’s probably first time when it happens, but Opera Mini has also lost 0.01% of its market share, from 0.07% to 0.06%

Here is a graph of the browsers market share, thanks to HitLink


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  1. Gleb Arestov says:

    Oh, plz. Stop using hitlink for stats. It’s fake.

  2. sigh says:

    Oh dear.

    How many times are people going to have to tell you that Net Applications are a bunch of liars? Why are you mindlessly repeating their dishonest drivel?

  3. What alternatives do you suggest?

  4. johnnysaucepn says:

    More specifically – without any kind of clue as to the margin of error, these stats are useless, even if they’re not lying.

    Saying that a particular browser has gained 0.01% market share when the margin of error is +/-0.1% is dishonest – the best you can claim is no signficant change.

  5. sigh says:

    @Tiago Sá, pay attention!

    There are no alternatives. All browser stats are demonstraby false and not representative at all. Net Applications is just particularly bad, or has had particularly bad luck because they were busted red-handed manipulating their numbers. The others haven’t been caught directly yet, although claiming that Chrome has a higher market share than Opera with fewer users(*) is absurd and proves that something is wrong.

    *) Google reported 10 million Chrome users and Opera 30. With 1/3 of the # of users, several statistics claimed that Chrome had a higher market share than Opera!

  6. Charith says:

    What about Lunacape , yes Lunascape browser , fastest javascript speed using , gecko , even the people on the favbrowswer don’t know shame.(faster than chrome)

  7. Rudradeep Biswas says:

    i often use Opera , masking as IE or firefox !!
    so it counts Opera as IE /Mfx !!
    and its the US data ! not the global data ! in asia Opera has more share !

  8. shadowfox87 says:

    Opera’s the best man. They just need to advertise more and increase their compatibility a little. Stuff like IE tab (Neptune) helps. When Carakan engine comes out, I think Opera will kick @ss.

  9. @sigh:

    It is entirely possible for Opera to have more users and Chrome to get more usage. Remember that many (most?) people use more than one browser. (At least anyone using Opera is likely to use other browsers.) I personally have at least half a dozen browsers installed on my Mac, and at least half a dozen on Windows. I switch back and forth as I get irritated with the limitations of one or another. Suppose I only had Opera and Chrome, to make this simple. I might be one of 30 million people with Opera, but I might use Chrome 90% of the time. What these numbers *might* mean is that Chome users are (on average) more enthusiastic about Chome, or just that they do more surfing.

  10. I agree with Brandon Zylstra , Opera user me , have 3 active browsers.

    But nobody can beat the Opera features , Opera 10 will be have the speed I can wait until that.

    Me use , Opera browser (default browser , Safari , Lunascape(fastest browser using Gecko lay out engine)