Internet Explorer Loses. Firefox, Safari and Opera Gains (May 08)

By | June 2, 2008

2008 May Browsers Market Share ResultsYet again we have new web browsers market share data report.

Internet Explorer continues losing its market share. This time it lost more than 1%, from 74.83% to 73.75% (1.08% decrease).

With the Firefox 3 RC release, Firefox managed to increase its market share by 0.65%, from 17.76% to 18.41%.

Safari team is celebrating because of the report. Its market share reached more than 6% for a first time, from 5.81% to 6.25% (0.44% increase).

Staying at the same percentage level for the past 3 months, this time Opera increased its market share by 0.02%, from 0.69% to 0.71%.

After last month jump, this time Opera Mini market share remains the same (0.05%).

Here are mode details about current browsers market share. Thanks to HitsLink.

2008 May Browsers Market Share

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  1. Morbus says:

    I don’t think firefox increased its share due to Firefox 3 RC1, because only 1.8% of the people who use Firefox use any of the test versions, and those were using Firefox before, already…

  2. Narj says:

    Criminal that the best browser has the smallest marketshare. But then it’s not a fair world.

    Still their loss..

  3. Morbus says:

    Why is it the best browser? It is not the fastest, it is not the lightest, it is not the most secure, it is not the most customizable, it has not as many features as an open source browser I know… Why is it the best browser?

  4. Nico zandberg says:

    It’s the best for that season. It is not overloaded with stuff you’ll never use. It just works like a browser should. With more than enough to keep anyone happy. No doubt it’s the best browser for the average internet user and i’ve tried them all.

  5. kamer says:

    follow the leader
    forever internet explorer
    others useless as browser as a cpu anyway its a
    microsoft playground so accept the rules and dont complain.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you.

  6. kd_jm says:

    @ Morbus.

    Opera IS the most secure browser. See secunia for a non-biased report.
    Opera IS the lightest browser with a reasonably comparable set of features.

    I must say, I’m impressed with the increase in speed of FF3. I’ve seen reports (should have linked them) both where either FF3 or O9.5 comes out better. it depends which items you stress.

    No, it is not the most customizable, it is hard to defeat all those FF extensions. But those extensions come with a cost: either you stay secure, reasonably light and fast, either you use all the extensions that you want to use. Keep in mind that a lot of extensions are not needed in Opera since they’re there already, ready to be used when you want to use them.

    And lastly, a naked FF3 does not have as many features as a naked Opera. It does have a reasonably comparable set of features.

    Sadly, Opera is closed source.

  7. Morghus says:

    I just use both, since they rock at each their thing. For now. Firefox has stupidly many plugins (some day Opera will add something like it too (widgets are stupid imo, too weak, and lacks integration)), and you can make it ALMOST like Opera, so that’s something it’s got going for it.

    Opera on the other hand has an overall smoother browsing experience, easier to use and really feels like a Ferrari :D

  8. Morbus, you might be right. But since RC got a lot of attention, other browser users could have tried Firefox 2 and/or 3. Just a guess though.

  9. Morbus says:

    @ kd_jm
    You said it: sadly, Opera is closed source.

    About being lighter or not, I remember seeing memory benchmarks with Firefox 3 beating Opera on long runs. I have 80 extensions or so and my memory consumption never goes more than 20KB above a naked Firefox 3. Also, the only slow down is present at the start up, where my firefox loads about 200% slower than a naked Firefox, i.e., instead of loading in 1,5 secons, it loads in 4,5… After that, it’s as speedy as ever, always. Excluding pages with custom CSSs, of course.

  10. MAX says:


    i am using Firefox RC as well as OPera 9.5. And opera seems to very fast, secure & graphics are amazing.

    Firefox is also good but not as opera..

    Internet explorer ………… SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  11. Swanlord says:

    Now is the time to build sites which take IE out to the page with links on some other pages where not MS facts was shown but the real one. Security, speed comparison and other.

    We may say in such a pages that we love our visitors so we just want to keep them free from monopoly to destroy their OSes, programs and their data. We want to keep them free from monopoly to loose their time of life, without any compensation from moneymakers. If they want surf our pages all they need is to download and install in few minutes Opera or Firefox and enjoy to fast and secure browsing with no problem in web stndards.

    And for sure if i’ll make own tribune on The Net i certainly do such a thing first!
    Never use IE must be the rule of thumb in the net!

  12. me says:

    Swanlord on June 6th, 2008 4:40 am,

    The problem with your suggestion is that you cannot force 75% of your website visitors to download software in order to view your website: they will NOT appreciate this and simply navigate away to the website of your competitor who does NOT have his head up his arse :)