Internet Explorer is Safer than Google Chrome and Firefox

By | November 17, 2010

Internet Explorer is Safer than Google Chrome and Firefox

Or so it seems.

According to the “Dirty Dozen” applications list (which is basically a collection/report of the most discovered software flaws that require security updates), when it comes to vulnerabilities, Google Chrome is the no. 1 application to get.

Furthermore, same report claims that Internet Explorer has far less security flaws than Safari or Firefox web browsers.

Good news for Opera users, as this browser had the lowest number of discovered vulnerabilities.

Statistics (application, number of security flaws found)

1. Google Chrome — 76
2. Apple Safari — 60
3. Microsoft Office – 57
4. Adobe Acrobat — 54
5. Mozilla Firefox — 51
6. Sun JDK — 36
7. Adobe Shockwave Player — 35
8. Microsoft Internet Explorer — 32
9. RealNetworks RealPlayer — 14
10. Apple Webkit — 9
11. Adobe Flash Player — 8
12. Apple Quicktime and the Opera Web browser (tied) — 6

One seems to wonder, if Google’s and Mozilla’s generous wages for discovering security vulnerabilities “improved” those browsers stats.

Thanks, Anonimus.

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  1. RamaSubbu SK says:

    Interesting to see , no one has commented yet :)
    Kudoos to Opera, Opera has the least vulnerabilities. The interest fact is seems like there is no application on earth with Zero vulnerabilities.

  2. Hi There! says:

    Being that this is merely a list of reported vulnerabilities, rather than an accurate summation of all actual vulnerabilities, its value is questionable at best, as are any conclusions to be drawn from it (for example, is Chrome the most vulnerable software, or simply the best at fixing and reporting vulnerabilities?), so there’s no sense putting too much stock into it.

  3. daddylo says:

    It is good that IE keep there browser secure even lot of people use it which means lot of hackers trying to find bugs and security flaws. Also Microsoft got best software engineers.

    After they release Microsoft security essentials (free antivirus) … and discontinue there paid product … somehow make me believe they changed ( or nobody buying there paid product but then why release free product) ….. why ? I have no idea.
    Again Opera is good ….. Also main reason I use Opera is there low market share ….. less hackers trying to find security flaws. Unless in Opera for smart phones.

    • RamaSubbu SK says:

      Thats correct, thats the main reason I started using Opera too. But I started liking it after using for months.

  4. RamaSubbu SK says:

    IE 9 Platform Preview 7 got release,
    Looks like this release has more performance improvement.

  5. nxdu says:

    The sad reminder for Opera, that even it is the most secured, doubt will come and claim that it’s just because it’s the least targeted.