Internet Explorer (IE) – Most Influential Tech Product

By | August 1, 2007

Internet Explorer (IE) was voted as the most infuential tech product.

The most influential technology product of the past 25 years is Microsoft’s oft-derided Web browser, Internet Explorer, according to a survey of IT professionals.

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  1. Sputnik says:

    Oooookaaay…that makes me go “huh?”. I mean: most influential? Come on…that piece of junk is the most influential tech product? I used Internet Explorer for about two weeks, until I first found Netscape, then Opera. That was back in ’99. And ever since I run IE only to test websites (and find out that this crappy software can’t show any page right, even if – or because – they are coded valid).

    I really wonder why people still use IE. Whenever I show off Opera to someone, the response is always the same: “Wow, is that thing fast”. After that (and some time they use Opera or another browser) they find out that there is more to the web than just websites. Things they couldn’t do with _Internet_ Explorer, like using chats (via IRC or something), bittorrent/other filesharingstuff, RSS feeds (they finally included that in IE7, didn’t they?) and a bunch of other stuff.

    Internet Explorer is anything but an influential tech product. Well, tech product. But not influential. You get my point, do you?

  2. kyleabaker says:

    Like Sputnik I’m completely baffled by this claim. It makes no sense to me either. IE has definitely dominated the browser market for years, but they are also not the most influential tech product in my opinion. Other browsers have had the same capabilities as IE for years, even surpassed IE years ago. I would much rather use Opera 3 or 4 vs. IE6..which is still one of the most widely used browser versions. IE7 and IE8 are just now getting up to par with the features that Opera has offered for years now. What’s so sad about IE is that they have Microsoft developers coding the browser and you know they have the resources to compete with other browsers, but they just don’t. Part of their problem is that they’ve messed up their rendering engine so much that half of the web relies on their quirks mode so if they finally coded the browser right then half the web would be inaccessible. What a shame. If you ask me, IE has been the most disastrous tech product available since it’s early release. It’s caused more damage to the web than anyone could have imagined and promoted poorly written web sites causing developers to get frustrated and give up with coding by standards. Most Influential Tech Product…I think not.

    Anyone care to go on..?

  3. Dane says:

    Being the most influential does not neccessarily mean being the *best* product.

    This makes perfect sense – web developers have to constantly work around IE’s lack of standards and it’s bugs so that’s why IE is very influential on their work.