Internet Explorer Developer Channel Announced

By | June 16, 2014

Internet Explorer Developer Channel AnnouncedNow here’s something unexpected.

Today, Microsoft has announced the availability of the Internet Explorer Developer Channel, which aims to bring even more transparency and reveal developer features that were just finished or are about to be.

With today’s IE Dev release (for Windows 7 and 8.1), the software giant demonstrated the support for GamePad API, allowing you to control web games (assuming they have implemented this feature) with the Xbox controller.

In addition to that, WebDriver standard has been implemented as well where web developers can automate web browsers and test their code. There is also a feature upgrade for F12 Developer Tools, which you can see here.

Microsoft said that it’s one of the many upcoming dev builds so stay tuned!

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  1. IE User says:

    IE is taking the lead here…

  2. Tried it yesterday, you have to install .Net FW 4.0 and Power Shell 3.0 in order for the installer to work, then install IE Dev, reboot (yeah, this is prehistoric) and you’re good to go, no big deal so far, and html5test detects it as IE 11.

    As I don’t like Win 8, my OS is Win 7 so no modern BS here, and I never go FS either, besides I don’t game either on or offline, so for others it maybe good. I will update out of pure inertia, and just because of any sec holes the current version might have.