Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) GPU Powered Samples Demo

By | May 6, 2010

An interesting video, in which Microsoft employee demonstrates the difference between GPU (Internet Explorer 9) and non-GPU (Firefox, Chrome) powered web browsers.

Test drive site.


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  1. Ċ½ilvinas says:

    I think Google will release Chrome with GPU technologies even faster than MS releases its Internet Explorer 9. :)

  2. bogas04 says:

    Why 3.7 alphas are considered?

    • RamaSubbu SK says:

      Because IE 9 is also a Alpha edition.

      • bogas04 says:

        I mean in their test , an alpha is compared to stable versions of other
        Also , 3.7 Alphas support D2D , which is must to compare with. But they have not , did not

        • RamaSubbu SK says:

          I agree, Then there will not be much differences and you will not feel great about IE 9. As Chrome compares its Javascript engine speed with its own first beta release :). All these are marketing techniques.
          The media like this FavBrowsers should go & test against all those browsers and publish the results.
          My Favourites browsers are IE & Opera.
          It would be really great to know how Opera acheives the speed with out hardware acceleration. Can someone find any article about it and post it here ?

  3. DonkeyKong says:

    Have you tested this demos in Opera 10.5, its almost like IE9 without the hardware acceleration. Very impressing!

    • RamaSubbu SK says:

      Yes, seriously Opera is doing great in that area. They are hiding their innovation there.

      • Plazzmex says:

        Opera 10.50 almost like IE9 ? It is faster than IE 9 !
        check the tests again ! see for example the ‘browser flip’ thing.
        Opera doesn’t go below 60 FPS !! when compared to ie 9 that goes to 59 and even 58 fps in some situations ! I almost thought opera might have hidden GPU acceleration !

      • I agree, they should test Opera. It does show that they are still sneaky and not upfront.

    • DonkeyKong says:

      And the beauty part of this is that Opera seems to be the best browser to following javascript web standard.
      As you know it easer to get hight rating on theoretic javacript test when you are cheating by not following the web standard.
      A great honor to the web developer at Opera Software!