Internet Explorer 8 Keeps Crashing? Get Rid of Add-Ons

By | April 8, 2010 | 7 Comments

Internet Explorer 8 Keeps Crashing? Get Rid of Add-OnsSometime ago, Microsoft has published a paper called “Enhancing the performance of Windows Internet Explorer 8″ (download here), which states that add-ons are responsible for more than 70% of IE8 crashes and browser sluggishness.

In addition, company has also shared a list of 20 most popular IE8 extensions:

Internet Explorer 8 Keeps Crashing? Get Rid of Add-Ons

Want to know if you are affected? Try running browser in “no add-ons” mode and see if you notice any improvements. You can do that going to:

Start > Run. Type in “iexplore.exe –extoff” and hit enter.


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  • Morbus

    I would put it like this: Internet Explorer 8 Keeps Crashing? Get Firefox!

    • Vygantas Lipskas

      FF also has some bad extensions,

      • Ichann

        Nah Firefox has an inbuilt protecion feature. Want to know what it is? Go on guess.

    • nvm

      Better solution: Get Chrome.

      Firefox is crashy crap compared to Chrome.

  • RamaSubbu SK

    Most of these add-ons are installed unintentionally, like install Java Runtime – you get Yahoo or Google toolbar, install Divx Webplayer you get Google toolbar & Chrome.
    I would also bet 80% of the users will not use those toolbar.

    It would be great if IE itself provides a performance tool which reports that every addon’s performance.

    • RamaSubbu SK

      Sorry, I was too quick.
      The performance tool option is already there in IE, I didn’t know that.

      Thanks to FavBrowser for sharing this :)

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