Internet Explorer 8 Is the Safest Web Browser

By | December 12, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 — Microsoft’s latest release, currently at the Beta 2 stage — was declared to be the safest (aka more secure than Firefox 3.1 Beta and Chrome Beta) but the least popular browser, according to a browser security survey.

On Wednesday, Utest, a social-networking and software testing company, announced the results of its Bug Battle browser contest. The event included participation from 1,330 security pros, hobbyists and tech enthusiasts, who found an alarming 672 bugs in the world’s top three Web browsers.

Contest participants scavenged for bugs in IE8, Firefox 3.1 and the new Google Chrome browser, which just emerged from its beta stage.

A post-contest survey found that Internet Explorer was the only browser program not to receive a single “excellent” rating. Despite that result, IE8 was a relatively safer browser to use. Google Chrome clocked in with the most vulnerabilities (297 bugs). Open source counterpart Firefox had 207 bugs. Testers found just 169 bugs in IE8.

Apple’s Safari and Opera were not rated. At the time of the contest, IE8, Chrome and Firefox 3.1 were all still in various beta releases.

Regardless of user preference, browsers generally represent a big attack vector and security concern.


In conclusion: IE 8 is the safest and now the worst one is… Google Chrome. Right.


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  1. Lomas says:

    Why Safari and Opera were not rated?

  2. Zachary says:

    Opera would have kicked all their asses.

  3. K3M15A says:


  4. Mol10 says:

    Utterly untrue title, shamefully spoiled survey and fatally flawed conclusion. Nice.

  5. Mol10 says:

    Aka, lower number of found security bugs = better security? (Hint: it doesn’t.)

  6. Mol10 says:

    BTW, when did Chrome make it to No. 3? Chrome has 10 million users, Opera has 30 million. And of course there is Safari, which is also a strong contender for the bronze medal of market share.

  7. Chris Pratt says:

    This after I just read a Microsoft security advisory on a MAJOR security vulnerability affecting ALL versions of IE including IE8b2 (

    I agree with a previous commenter: bug != security vulnerability. This sounds like a bunch of geeks gathering together to prove how smart they all are. What really counts is how these browsers perform in the wild, and out in the real world, IE has been the overwhelmingly poorest choice for online security time and again.

  8. Grrblt says:

    IE most secure and least popular browser? What the hell?

  9. DeclinedDoomed says:

    I’m fairly confused here too. How is IE the most secure web browser? And you only need to look at any given browser market share chart to find that IE is, without a doubt, the most popular browser.

  10. Maulkin says:

    How can these people not try Safari and Opera?!!!!

    Monkeeeys! (I mean, all these thounsadn people are maybe biased, maybe dumb….but not at all serious!!!)

  11. FasterOPera says:

    WTH? I mean why ignore top quality browsers like Safari and Opera. Opera has been making browsers since 1994 and was one of the first ones out there. Wouldn’t people want to know how such an experienced browser fared?
    On Safari. Safari is the third most popular web browser by a mile. From Netapplications it has shown that the IE has around 70%, while Firefox has 20% and Safari has 5-6% while Opera and Chrome have around 1% each. Isn’t is prudent to choose Safari as well? Also it would have also been a microsoft vs apple thing which uTest could have taken advantage of. They need to make better choices

  12. SolarisUser says:

    NONSENSE!!! this article is a joke

  13. boss says:

    this survey isn’t successful,more like saying , who can run fast dog or ant and then saying dog is the fastest runner on the planet.
    Opera is the most secure 7 more bugs fixed in the latest release 9.63

  14. dollface57 says:

    well, as i have read the other statements and opinions of other people… i think that ie is not considered the safest… Well i really think that no web browser is safe coz, well, spam, viruses and bugs are still infesting your computer… but i think opera and mozilla are safer than ie8

  15. k3m15a says:

    For me Firefox recently let a drive by download infect IE.. so as to it being safe, that is not something i have experienced.

    chrome needs more features and safari 3 bores me and safari 4 beta is too unstable to compare, with respect to the gauntlet i put opera thru daily.

    even still… computer/internet safety is primarily a user issue.

  16. Wizard says:

    I would like to point out that although chrome has 297 bugs initially looking to be the most insecure, these bugs are extremely difficult to exploit. additionally even to hack this, each tab is sandboxed so you are still back to square one. in the recent Pwn2Own contest this was the only browser uncracked by the end

  17. i can’t use mcafee on opera or safari.