Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Beta 2 Features Revealed

By | July 29, 2008 | 5 Comments

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Beta 2Although the 2nd beta of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) will be released on August only, new Beta 2 features were revealed earlier today.

What’s new?

Frame Process Merging

Instead of running 2 processes every time you launch Internet Explorer 8, it will use 1 now = improved startup performance.

More tab processes

Adding more processes gives users much better isolation in the event of a failure. If each tab is in its own process, websites are completely isolated from each other.

Virtual tabs

Virtual tabs lets you navigate across Protected Mode in the same tab since we just switch the process under the tab to the correct integrity level

Automatic Crash Recovery

In the event of a crash, Automatic Crash Recovery is designed to get you back to browsing as quickly as possible. If IE8 crashes, now it will not only recover

Recover Tabs IE8

Current URI
The travel log (your back/forward history)
Tab order
Which tab was active

But also:

Session cookies
Form data

And the last new feature:

Windows Error Reporting (aka Watson).

In the event of a crash or a hang, you may have received a choice to “send information to Microsoft”.

More detailed IE8 Beta 2 information.


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  1. Anny says:

    Oh boy! I shall waste no time installing it! This revision fills a much needed gap!

  2. Greg Zeng says:

    Will it INSTANTLY save “MHT” files like Opera? Opera seems to be the only browser that seems to do this.

  3. to Greg Zeng says:

    “Will it INSTANTLY save “MHT” files like Opera? Opera seems to be the only browser that seems to do this”
    -you are wrong. many web browsers do it, for example maxthon2.

  4. Starling says:

    El Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 Viene Con Mejoras Nuevas Pero El Pobrema Que No se va a Desintalar Ya Que Instalar Internet Explorer 8 No Puedes Quitarlo el Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Esta En Ingles Ino Me Gusta Tienes Muchos Poblemas Diganle A Bill Gates Presidente de Microsoft Que No Siga A Delantando Programas Que Lance El Internet Explorer 9 Con el Windows Vienna
    y el Windows Media Player 12 Espero Que Microsoft Mejore El Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Para Poder Instalarlo En Mi Computadora y Gracias Por Su Noticia

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