Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) vs. Firefox 3 vs. Safari 3.1.2 vs. Opera 9.5

By | June 24, 2008

Here’s another GadgetZone’s article: “Firefox 3 vs IE 7 vs Safari 3.1.2 vs Opera 9.5”.

After new Firefox 3, Safari and Opera 9.5 releases, they’ve re-done browser group test. Feel free to check it.

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  1. Morbus says:

    Yeah, right, Firefox 3 is still the fastest in javascript… :\

  2. Nico Zandberg says:

    Wow they clearly hate Opera. WTF is a niche browser who is opera’s niche, the world? Just because they care about their users and listen to them? I’ll gladly not visit a page if it does not load in my browser to promote standards. It’s the site’s loss not mine.

  3. Sputnik says:

    I completely agree with Nico. Well said.

  4. effzee says:

    These tests are a little misleading, because timings relating to page loading are determined by several things: the browser strategy, the web-server software & configuration, and the server-side browser sniffing that selects what to send to the browser. Then there’s the assumption that you are dealing with a constant bandwidth connection and a light server load.

    Really this type of test is hard to do definitively unless it is done exhaustively and painstakingly, taking care of such details.

    Having said all that Safari does feel the fastest by a nose, although it’s just too feature restricted for me. Opera feels faster than FF3 for general browsing, particularly when navigating back and forward.

  5. Morghus says:

    Let’s hope Opera tweaks it a little more. It’s still the fastest surfing experience as far as I know, practically, but I haven’t tried Safari yet. Firefox feels and looks sluggish, so I won’t be using it primarily anytime soon. Opera still lacks addons, so it works for general surfing.

  6. Christopher says:

    Well, since that Safari and Opera 9.5 are running good with security but my problem is about Microsoft Internet explorer, it is horribly going down with its
    relibility becouse when i wanted to download Internet explorer 8, it was succseful but first it told me that i was running with out ADD – ONS wich i never heard of and then i found the ADD – ONS and it told me to disable them and then it told me to undisable them, it was very confusing and then i swiched to Safari wich i had about for 2 months and then when i was getting tired of it i wanted soemthing more safer and more colerful becouse Safari was good with its safety, but the Gray backround it had was horrible becouse it had no coler what so ever, but i still like safari even know the Steve jobs should make Safari more Colorful, and as i was saying, then i swiched to Opera 9.5 wich is MUCH MUCH better than internet explorer 8 becouse it has Skins for the backround and alot of cool widgets like checkers, an on screen clock and the wether, so take my advice if you want the worlds Fastest, most safest and most stylish Internet Browser get

  7. Christopher says:

    yeah right!, Opera 9.5 is the best becouse since i downloaded it i have not even had 1 problem with it and besides it has more optins than any internet browser i ever had!

  8. Rich says:

    Safari 3.1.2 loads pages way faster then firefox.=) i have been using firefox for 3 years now over IE because its so slow. I love firefox but safari is really really fast no problems with it in fact i use it as default its good on memory i only have 512 mb ram installed. Firefox needs to step up with the speed!

  9. Christopher says:

    Well Rich, for my computer to load Safari, it takes about 22 seconds and for firefox, IT WAS SO SLOW, so i unistalled it and then i tryed internet explorer, that was just to horribly made becouse i need ADD – ONS and that safari,firefox and Opera 9.5 don’t need them so i found Opera 9.5 a couple of days ago and downloaded it, when i tryed Opera 9.5, it was very very very fast and thats why Opera 9.5 is the best browser i will ever have

  10. James says:

    I use Firefox and find it is the easiest to use. It is very user friendly and customizable. The pages load pretty fast and the browser is easy to install/uninstall. I give firefox 8/10.

  11. dragon says:

    well these test vary all the time each is good for a different thing (expect fir ie which is a good for nothing piece of ….) i use them all to do different things so combine fire fox 3 with opera 9.5 with safari 3.1.2 and i give it a 10/10 :p

  12. David says:

    A lot of good points here are not being brought across well because of sloppy writing and/or grammar.

  13. Greg says:

    I just want a browser that works fine with the minimum of fuss, and IE7 fits the bill just fine, Once you put the security paranoia aside and stop giving into the “war on terror – scare the populace” tactics used by Firefox etc and realise that an extra second to do something is of no consequence (is your time really that important?) then IE7 wins. It comes ready installed and works well – end of story.

    I know I’ll be called various names for this post – but there you go.

  14. JILL PAYNE says:


    DO NOT download Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 yet – as it still in the Beta system, which in turn cods up some of the banking systems and then you a VERY big problem.

    This has happened to me..

    I have tried to delete the IE8 from the my computer, but their system will not allow me to do so, so much now I have had to ask an expert to come in and help me tangle this out.

    I can get onto the banking systems, but cannot do anything, like paying bills, seeing what is coming and what I have going out – this has really frustrated me, have been in touch with Microsoft, but they haven’t come back. My bank suggested that I use Safari as that is user friendly on most sytems. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.