Internet Explorer 12 Features & Details Leak

By | September 11, 2014

Internet Explorer 12 Features & Details LeakNo screenshots yet.

Now here’s something to spice things up. According to the recent report, Microsoft is working hard on the next version of Internet Explorer (12), which is expected to be released with Windows 9 sometime in 2015.

While it’s unknown whether or not IE12 builds will be revealed later this month (with the Windows 9 Technical Preview), here’s what you can expect:

New User Interface

As stated in report, there are dramatic changes in the IE’s UI, which will soon be a combination of Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox (tabs are rectangles and are (finally) on top of the URL bar.

Internet Explorer 12 Extensions

In addition to that, IE12 is set to support extensions (good bye, plugins), something

everyone expects from a modern web browsers.

That’s all as far as revealed changes go but we are super excited about these two.

[Via: Neowin]

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