Internet Explorer 10 Is 8% Faster Than Google Chrome 20

By | September 21, 2012 | 33 Comments

Internet Explorer 10 Is 8% Faster Than Google Chrome 20According to the recent report by Strangeloop, a company that specializes in website performance, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was 8% faster in loading the majority of web pages when compares to the Google’s Chrome.

As stated in the document, IE10 average load time was 6.392 seconds, beating Firefox (6.395 seconds) and Google Chrome 20 (6.906).

Interestingly enough, overall pages loading performance was 9% slower when compared to the previous year’s report, which is blamed on heavier and heavier web sites.

Obviously, Microsoft was pretty happy with the results and issued the following statement:

We are thrilled Strangeloop Networks’ recent report validates IE10 delivers the best real world site performance, surpassing all other modern browsers. Real world performance is the most important factor in evaluating browsers and something that has been a focus for the IE team forsome time. Measuring browser speed only with milliseconds in web micro-benchmarks is simply not a good indicator of the performance a user will experience when they browse the web. Many factors matter, including page load time of real world sites, which is why we are excited that IE10 delivers the fastest web experience for the world’s most popular sites according to Strangeloop Networks.

For more details, check the report (registration required).

[Via: Neowin]

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  • guy

    So opera isnt the fastest anymore eh

    alright i take it Microsoft

    when IE10 comes out it will be my default browser.

    • Danny Saunders

      When was Opera the fastest browser? Lolol

      • Opera is the fastest browser

        For me, opera is by far the fastest. Fastest to customize from a clean install and fastest in usage. It is not be fastest on synthetic tests any more, which is pity. It s not a dealbreaker for me.

        • Mikah

          +1 slowest part of a browser is the wetware behind the keyboard & Opera with mouse gestures , speedials, nicknames, notes , sessions integrated mail etc…. makes me more productive.
          Other browsers have copied some of the above but Opera does them best.
          Any other browsers include the portable version inside the standard installer ?
          Or let you stack the tabs or drag down the tab bar to see the thumbnails.

          • Michael Tunnell

            drag down is cool…I’ll give you that but that is not necessary and wouldn’t be used by the majority.

            Nicknames are awesome but was actually in Firefox first, they just call them “keywords” instead. However, the rest were ripped off from Opera.

            Opera was the fastest and is still a FAN-EFFING-TASTIC browser but unfortunately it has a bit too much bloat for me as a daily driver.

          • Mikah

            Opera 3 had nicknames back in February 1997

          • Michael Tunnell

            Well ok crap never mind lol….though opera was a commercial product back then so I can ignore that. :-)

      • Mikah

        For Windows XP users April 2012,3167-17.html
        For Win 7 users not sure probably sometime in 2011

  • LarsGunther

    So, the 0.003 seconds that IE is faster than Firefox is noticeable to what human eye?

    • Grrblt

      How many webpages do you load in a single day?

      • LarsGunther

        3 ms is still not discernible, even if you load a thousand pages. And probably within the margin of error for the evaluation.

        • Grrblt

          Three seconds is not discernible to you? You must be a very difficult person to converse with.

          • kaisellgren

            You don’t open a thousand pages at the same time. You might open a hundred sites throughout the entire day.

          • LarsGunther

            Three MILLI-seconds are not discernible to me no.

          • speedy

            Three seconds over a thousand websites are not discernible to me. Come on, get real.

      • Tiago Sá

        Yeah, and let me guess: Chrome or IE doesn’t have browse by name. That’s like 5 seconds for each webpage right there, no rendering speed improvements needed.

        And do Chrome or IE allow you to control how the browser works (to the point of customizing mouse and keyboard inputs in the entire UI, or customizing how tabs behave and that sort of stuff)? No? That’s LOADS of time right there. Admittedly, Firefox only allows it through add-ons, but add-ons that neither Chrome nor IE ever hope to have, because, well, you know why Chrome’s add-ons don’t require a restart? Because they are basic and can’t do 10% of what Firefox’s add-ons can.

        So, there.

        • Michael Tunnell

          actually you can do shortcuts in FF by default very customizable and very easy to use.

          1.) Add a Bookmark
          2.) Add a keyword for said bookmark. (ex: “gm” for Gmail)
          3.) Press “Ctrl + L” (puts focus on navigation/address bar)
          4.) type in your keyword (ex: gm) and press “Enter”

          Once you create the bookmark and keyword it takes only a matter of seconds to press the shortcut and type in the very quick custom keyword which works on UNLIMITED amount of bookmarks.

          This is a MASSIVE time saver and actually the very reason I still use and will probably always use Firefox over the rest.

          Extra Tip:
          Create a bookmark of a search and replace the search query with “%s” and you now have a super fast keyword powered search of any website you want!

          • Michael Tunnell

            though I do have to point out that Opera does this same thing but they call it “nicknames” instead of “keywords” but since Firefox is faster than Opera (on good hardware) I choose Firefox over Opera but Opera is a fantastic browser.

          • Mikah

            I prefer Opera’s nicknames to FF keywords as well as using nicknames on a single website I can add a nickname to a Bookmark folder.

            Creating a search in Opera is easier : right click inside any search field & select create search from the menu then add a keyword ,
            there are also options to add a search term & set the search as default search engine & speed dial search engine.

          • Michael Tunnell

            Ok you got me there…Firefox does not do it for folders, so that is a good point.

  • JpEncausse

    Woohoo IE is fast … and so what ?

    Our pain point is not speed it is :

    1. Implementing the HTML 5 modern rules
    2. Same redering than other engines
    3. Updating browser (more than every 3 years) to follow évolutions

    The HTML/CSS/JS should look & feel the same on all browser, mobile, tv, …

  • ralph

    I prefer security, web standards and a fast release cycle over loading speed.

    • :))

      Well most websites support IE even IE 7.

      • Przemysław Lib

        Just imagine what could websites offer if not for “But it will not work on IE7!!”.

      • Michael Tunnell

        as a Website Designer/Developer I HAVE to respond to this statement…

        We support it because we HAVE to…a disgusting amount of people are stilling using IE. In fact, there is about 10%-15% of those users still on freaking IE 6. IE 9 or 10 are NOT even available to Windows XP users…there shouldn’t be any XP users still but that is NOT our fault that was Microsoft’s fault of making Vista such crap.

        IE 7-9 is supported by us because we can’t make our sites just break because Microsoft screwed over their users (especially with XP users). IE 6 on the other hand is left to break 95% of the time because to support it would mean to build the same site twice.

        However IE 7 – 9 are NOT 100% compatible with most websites. Use any other browser, at all, and your experience will be much better in appearance and function.

        When it comes to standards and functionality:
        IE 7 is usually at around 80% compatible
        IE 8 around 85%
        IE 9 around 90% – 95%
        IE 10 sadly still about 95% – 99%

        So the second IE 6-9 are not being used by an absurd amount of people (most of the time, just because they are not aware of any other options) we will cut them off like the cancers they are.

  • JonathanHarker

    According to report Firefox is also faster than Chrome. In my opinion, Chrome is ahead of the pack with security (ie sandboxing). Chrome is customizable enough for me and the speed difference right now is minimal between all of them.

  • Marc Murro

    Chrome 21.0 had been out for a while, and 22.0 is coming out soon…

    • Waiting for Chrome 99

      And do you really think Chrome 21 or 22 is differently enough to warrant this comment? Meh.

  • Hiram

    There’s a whole lot more to browser performance than just the initial loading of a web page.

  • Michael Tunnell

    Who Cares? IE 10 being faster a launch is not a reason for people to use it.

    Google Chrome – releases new versions every 4 – 8 weeks = IE 10 faster at launch, 1-2 months later Google Chrome back to faster.

    Firefox – releases new versions every 6 weeks = IE goes down to 3rd at best.

    Opera – releases new every 1-3 months (not only complies with standards actually co-created the CSS Standards) = IE falls to 4th

    Safari – releases 6-12 months BUT actually complies with standards = IE down to 5th

    the list goes on and on…every browser does better at standards compliance and speed over Internet Explorer 99.99% of the time.

    No one gives a crap if Internet Explorer is faster ONCE every TWO YEARS!

  • NO_IE

    IE это кусок говна. Кому вообще какое дело на сколько быстро он плывет по унитазу?

  • dwightstegall

    No matter how fast IE is I will never use it.

  • Romain Blackramos Amoussou

    i always get a lot of problems using IE. i will stick to my google… more options, more extensions , and a lot more… chrome is the best simple