Internet Explore Loses, Firefox, Safari, Opera Gains (August 08)

By | September 5, 2008

2008 August Browsers Market Share ResultsYet another month passed by and it’s time to check how’s your favorite browser doing.

After previous 0.01% gain, Internet Explorer continues to lose its market share. It went down by 0.87%. From 73.02% to 72.15%

Firefox keeps growing. This time it grabbed quite big piece of the market share: 0.51% Increased from 19.22% to 19.73%

Safari is also getting more popular. Last month it increased its market share by 0.23%, from 6.14% to 6.37%

As well as Firefox and Safari, Opera increased its market share as well. This time by 0.05%, from 0.69% to 0.75%

Opera Mini market share line remains flat, 0.05%

Here are mode details about current browsers market share. Thanks to HitsLink.

Internet Explore Loses, Firefox, Safari, Opera Gains (August 08)


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  1. albemuth says:

    Are there any predictions about what piece of the pie Chrome is gonna get? Sadly I think it’s FF and Safari (on windows) which will lose market share to chrome instead of IE

  2. It should be ~1% I think. Many just downloaded to try and not sure what % of those will continue using it.

  3. Tiago Sá says:

    Chrome, as it is, will never steal nothing from noone. It’s just so unfinished, nobody in their right mind would use if for everyday browsing…

  4. Charly says:

    Well Tiago Sá you should read some blogs, cause maaaany people are using for avery day already, o thinking to do it. On some top blogs even in firts day Chrome has taken 12% of the pie. That surelly gona go down, but not too much, Chrome is here to stay like a big player on browsers competition.

  5. Audrius says:

    I think that’s obvious that some one will loose some part of market because of Google Chrome but still it is much too early to predict which browser it will be (actually I think it will include all popular browsers). For now it seems Chrome is one of most discussed IT topics. Isn’t it similar with facebook few years before?

    I have tried to find some interesting statistics about Google Chrome. The most interesting for me was “Browser Google Wars” widget because it looks at it from different angle. According that widget the most popular browsers is the one who has most post in the WEB. Guess what is the most popular browsers there? FireFox :) The data is live there so you can check it by yourself: