Infographic: Mozilla In 2012

By | December 17, 2012

Infographic: Mozilla In 2012What better way to end the year than to remember and remind you about the company’s progress in 2012.

This is exactly what Mozilla did and when you combine everything together, it does look impressive. For example: did you know that Firefox got over 100 new features in less than 12 months? How about close to 20,000 enhancements?

Well, you are about to.

Infographic: Mozilla In 2012

[Via: Mozilla Blog]

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  1. pissingoffoperafans says:

    Opera infographic 2012 where?

    • OperaFanboy says:

      They simply haven’t published one. All of their numbers would be lower and look less impressive. Unless you count data saved through the Opera Mini compression; Firefox doesn’t have that.

      • Przemys┼éaw Lib says:

        Opera can show GOOD numbers in mobile space :) Both in user activity numbers and in tech numbers.

        So Opera IS good citizen of web.