Incredible Internet Explorer TV Ad

By | March 6, 2012

Makes us love IE9 again.

With the ever-growing anticipation of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10, the software giant has decided to remind us about the beauty of the web, which is what IE9 is all about. This is especially exciting for all the IE fans. Why? While the majority of such videos are web only, this one is actually a real TV ad, which will reach millions of people around the globe.

There is really nothing else to say other than: wow.

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  1. Shane Bundy says:

    That’s surprisingly nice ad from Microsoft. Their Windows and Office ads felt a bit alienated to me but this is quite good.
    The sad thing is it’s not advertising IE10 (which should be a lot better than IE9 was).

  2. Michael Puermayr says:

    The ad is simply brilliant, focusing exactly on the strengths of IE9 while totally abandoning all the weak points. 

    I hope for IE10 to finally become a real competitor to the rest of the browsers.

    die-hard Opera fanboy

  3. Madis Otenurm says:

    Nice ad, wrong browser.

    • Guest says:

      There is nothing wrong in the browser, seems its hard for you to accept that IE is back.

    • daPhyre says:

      A version ago I would support you. But we must admit IE9 is good now, and probably IE10 is now more advanced than any other browser, although it ain’t public yet, which serves for nothind =P… Anyway, IE is not what it used to be, It is good now =)

      • Madis Otenurm says:

        IE10 more advanced than other browsers?! ROFL

        • daPhyre says:

          See the facts. I’m a Chrome-user, I don’t think that will change, but I can’t deny IE has now more HTML5 features than any other browser, and it is still in development for one more year…

          • Madis Otenurm says:

            IE has more HTML5 features than Chrome?! Really?

          • daPhyre says:

            Right now it is the only browser to support  HTML5 video captions, and I’m sure I’ve seen many other features that other browsers haven’t. Of course, for the time it is public, surely the other browsers will be at pair.  But for now, it is very advance in comparison, and more knowing it was the less advanced until not so long…

          • Madis Otenurm says:

            IE10 won’t be advanced if it won’t have official support for extensions. Period.

          • daPhyre says:

            That’s a good point. But with the new design of IE10, I find hard to see how extensions could be implemented…

          • Madis Otenurm says:

            Another fail then :P

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how long it’ll be until Google does a TV ad for Chrome. Microsoft is obviously aware of Chrome overtaking them, and this must be their counter-attack.

  5. daPhyre says:

    A very nice ad!! Makes me almost want to use Internet Explorer again =P

  6. Guesty Guest says:

    Back on May 28th 2011 was the Champions League Final. It may not mean anything to folks in the US but it’s one of the biggest soccer matches on the planet. More people watch it than the superbowl.

    What was the first advert to be shown in the half time commercial break? Google Chrome. It was this ad –

    I saw it in the UK. They may have had similar ads in France, Spain and Germany, I don’t know. Even if the ad was only shown in the UK, it’s incredibly prominent and it would not have been cheap.

    When I was in London I saw Chrome adverts on electronic billboards in public places like train stations. Thousands of people pass these every day and may glance at it. Google is hitting people with Chrome ads, not just online, but in the “real world” as well.

    If I go to right now, I can see an ad in the top right hand corner of the screen that reads – “A faster way to browse the web – Install Google Chrome”.

    That same advert/download link appears on the Google homepage for France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Canada, New Zealand, Australia. How many people across the planet will see that,click on it, and become a Chrome user? That advert/link doesn’t even cost Google any money, so they don’t really need TV advertising.

  7. adumpaul says:

    Fantastic ads.Its really nice to see.Thank you for sharing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You guys should see the kinect ad: 

  9. Kba679 says:

    Anyone know the name of the song?

  10. I have seen this ad a few times. It does make you wonder as to Microsoft’s intentions… is this a reaction to their markety share getting lower, and Chrome TV ads?

    They couldn’t help but slip Bing into the ad either… will people adopt it? Unlikely, but it is more difficult to change the default search provider now, a crafty change there from MS :)