Immersive IE10 On Windows 8 To Offer Browser Switch

By | February 2, 2012

Immersive IE10 On Windows 8 To Offer Browser Switch

Back in 2011, we reported that Microsoft will ditch plugins support from its Immersive Internet Explorer browser in favor of the HTML5.

Now, software giant reports that when the touch friendly version of IE detects some sort of plugin, Flash for example, it will offer them a one click option to switch to the desktop version of IE10.

How exactly will this happen? See the screenshot below

Immersive IE10 On Windows 8 To Offer Browser Switch

According to Program Manager, John Hrvatin, “This mechanism provides a short-term mitigation. The desktop browsing experience and most plug-ins were not designed for smaller screens, battery constraints, and no mouse. Providing an easy way to the Windows desktop is the last resort when no comparable plug-in free fallback content exists.”

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  1. IE & Opera Fanboy says:

    Youtube, VideoFy.Me, Vimeo,..etc these video service have to move to HTML5 completely before Windows 8 reaches market. Also, hopefully the world settles down on the video codec that users in HTML5.

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    • Sturrell says:

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  3. adumpaul says:

    Windows 8 is a nice application.