If Internet Explorer is so Bad.. (Picture)?

By | April 26, 2010

If IE Is So Bad.. (Picture)?


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Vygantas is a former web designer whose projects are used by companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and departed Westood Studios. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in 2007 when he founded FavBrowser.com. Having said that, he is also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys good books, fitness activities and Forex trading.

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  1. Dels says:

    because windows itself was “bad” hehehe…

  2. o'really says:

    If it’s so bad then why does it have 70%+ market share and Mac has what is it *gasp* 5% ?!
    It’s the best OS out there, 70% of people think so, if you think otherwise then proce it in cold hard stats. And dont tell me Linux.

    • Rafael says:

      Just because it has big market share I have to accept it as the best?
      What about Internet Explorer, is it the best web browser??
      (please pretend I didn’t this non-sense question where the words “Internet”, “Explorer”, and “best” were together) :D

    • Grrblt says:

      Hey if lack of a clean water supply is so bad then why does it have 70% global market share?

    • Dels says:

      it’s “bad” until it goes to 3rd party application and games which are wonderful.

      if i were in choose whether i choose windows, linux or osx and they have same amount software/games/driver libraries (which too bad they don’t) then i’ll choose linux or osx (osx not cheap through). i use windows because i was forced to… my college use it, my university use it, my company use it, in my country it’s hard to make money outside windows.

      PS: i use ubuntu as 2nd OS

  3. Gonçalo says:

    I believe MS is not interesting in making IE better because that would allow for better web apps to exist, which would allow you at some point to stop using MS Windows entirely.
    MS’s purpose is not to make good software but to make money, software is just a way to do that.

    It doesn’t even matter if Windows is good or bad, if it’s the only OS that allows you to run certain applications. It’s bad enough for them that most computer users only need to chat, browse the web and check the mail (which can be done on any OS).

  4. o'really says:

    I was talking about Windows not IE, we all know IE is crap and has a huge market share because it’s bundled with Windows. I was responding to the stupid comment by the guy above me.
    Bottomline is, if Windows is so “bad” then why does it have a 70% market share, it’s not imposed on you like IE ? The reason it is so popular is simple, the competition is not good enough, they’re inferior to Windows in the eyes of many. There are a plethora of reasons as to why Mac and Linux are not mainstream but it all boils down to Windows being simple to use with a huge community to support it. With all the bull that Mac and Linux spew about virus free and secure and simple and innovative and all that bs, why do they have such a low market share, Mac especially !?

    • oldlaptop says:

      Because Microsoft got a monopoly while Apple was being managed badly and Linux was not a serious contender. Since during that time period it was not really worthwhile to develop for anything else, nearly all major applications were developed for Windows. And if you look at most OS market share charts, Windows is slowly but steadily losing its user base to Mac.

    • Theta says:

      The only reason Mac has no viruses is because no one gives a damn to write one for it, they’re going to go after which OS has more market share as it means they have more targets.

  5. Manmohan Rajyana says:

    Internet Explorer is the only choice as we use Windows in India and this only choice has never let me down even when I am browsing on Google & disabled Microsoft’s Bing on Internet Explorer. Now there is lot of improvement with IE-9: networking is safe, no virus or any malware for the last seven months even when I navigate to other unknown sites, may be also due to their Security Essential but for BING their search engine; no match with Google search. Their market share within 20 days also going up since IE-9 launched.

  6. i go for windows over Mac. Mac is…i don’t know..alien to me..but i think both are works of geniuses, each has their own value. i guess for simple users, windows is the perfect choice. for power users, Mac has what it takes :D

  7. Chinmay Samant says:

    from reading half the comments here, i realized people are inherently stupid and try to sound smart when they know they have no idea what they’re talking about. for example, “power users” use mac and windows is for “simple users”?? that’s the opposite of reality. saying internet explorer is the only option because people use windows in india is one of the most retarded things i’ve heard.
    1. You can install any browser on windows..
    2. not everyone in india uses windows, and that doesn’t force you to use IE.
    3. in all the years that i’ve owned a computer (i have had both windows and macs) i’ve never gotten a single virus that has incapacitated any part of my software or hardware.

    the main reason windows has 70% market share is because its not tied up with overpriced crappy hardware. why the hell should i spend a thousand bucks on a computer when i can buy something highly superior to it in every way, for the same price? is the OS really worth the extra 400? once macs start catering to less design conscious clientele, they’ll see their market share increase.

    to be fair though, apple’s market capitalization surpassed microsoft’s last year. but that’s a completely different topic than market share.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a solid answer, agreeing with Chinmay, up above: Windows and Mac are solid competitors, and have been for years. But unfortunately, the Mac OS came later on, after Windows, which meant that Windows (with MS-DOS) were already storming into the market.

    Mac is popularly known of, but unfortunately, a lot of people have adapted to the Windows interface – start button, task bar, etc. Also, a lot of people also think, “Why change to something that will confuse me, when I’ve got something that works perfectly well right here?”

    It’s true that Mac is totally alien to some people, but as shown in graphs and logistics charts, Mac OS X is a widely developed operating system with a growing community (as can be seen here: http://w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_os.asp).

    Generally, I’m a Mac person, but I still use Windows when I’m college, or when I’m staying at my girlfriend’s and borrowing her laptop. I’ve put the squabbles aside and just accepted that neither OS will be fully in control.