IE9: 23 Million Downloads and Counting

By | February 1, 2011

With the approaching Internet Explorer 9 RC1 release date, IE team has recently revealed that Microsoft’s browser has been already downloaded more than 23 million times.

Furthermore, it looks like with a total 1.82% of Windows 7 users already using IE9, it has now reached 0.5% of the worldwide market share.

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  1. nvm says:

    It helps to be Microsoft!

  2. Armin says:

    I am already forced to use Windows. I won’t use Internet Explorer when there are alternatives that are just as good if not far better than what Microsoft is offering on the browser front.

  3. Mikah says:

    Somehow I don’t think think IE 9 is going to be a huge success over 50% of PC’s run Windows XP for their operating system & are locked out from using IE 9.

    • Paulius says:

      IMO a lot of these PCs are capable to run windows 7(My computer is ~6 years old and run w7 flawlesly). Advertisements to use Windows7 may help ; )

    • Matthew says:

      Agreed. That’s what I keep saying.

      Not that I’d use IE9 as my main browser, but I’d keep it on my PC — my Windows XP partition, that is — for testing websites if MS allowed that on XP.
      But they don’t, so I guess I’m not going to test websites in IE9.

      Sorry, I’m not going to spend hundreds of dollars on software for Win7 just so I can enjoy the Aero interface. If I want desktop eye candy, I’ll find some for FREE on my Linux partition (where I spend 99% of my computer time).

      I’m a computer geek, not a lemming. Someone give me a *real* reason why XP won’t do, but Win7 will. I only have 4 GB of RAM on this machine, WinXP is plenty stable, WinXP has all the programs I need, etc.

      I’m not a grandma doing MS word and e-mail, either. I’m a power user, doing audio editing, java programming, PHP/MySQL web development, etc.

  4. Looking forward to see how the RC of IE9 will look like, also think Microsoft should have released a version for XP, but its obvious they want to move forward and not support a ten year old OS indefinitely.