IE7Pro 2.1 Released

By | March 4, 2008

IE7Pro 2.1An essential add-on for Internet Explorer 7 update was just released. IE7Pro 2.1 now got a new icon, few bug fixes and various improvements. Here’s a complete changelog:

* User config file online backup
* Add keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+Mouse hover over mediaplayer control to save media file(Support download Youtube/dailymotion/
* spellcheck improved
* inline search improved
* Crash recovery dialog changed to page
* Last session restore automatically now
* Open new window from address bar history
* User can hide commandbar of IE now
* Add support for always open popup window in new tab
* Clear url history work under vista now
* IE context menu add tab history
* Two shortcut added:
* Switch enable/disable Adblock
* Switch enable/disable MiniDM

* Keep pressing Ctrl+Alt to click link will disable miniDM
* MiniDM have log now
* MiniDM support SHA1/MD5 now
* MiniDM can ignore user defined file type.
* MiniDM support more action on exit
* MiniDM new function
* Local time
* User can add download task without enable main window
* User can hide alarm window now

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