IE6 Slips Below 1% Market Share Mark In The USA

By | January 5, 2012

IE6 Slips Below 1% Market Share Mark In The USA

IE team cooks another cake.

Following Austria, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, United States has joined a list of countries that have now less than 1% of the Internet Explorer 6 users.

To celebrate such occasion, Microsoft had to order another cake, which was probably eaten by the Steve Ballmer himself.

IE6 Slips Below 1% Market Share Mark In The USA

Obviously, the next question that you might want to ask is: what about other countries? Well, IE6 still has 7.7% of the global market share as in the China itself Internet Explorer 6 is still used by a whopping 25% of the users.

Want more details? Check the IE6 Countdown!

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  1. web says:

    just that 25% in china is more that the whole us population

  2. IE & Opera Fanboy says:

    China & India are the most of IE 6 users. I think – Microsoft, Google , Yahoo  all should join and run a ad campaign there to move to the latest browser and educate them.

  3. Fcvhgffgfg says:

    people in eastern asia are forced to use IE 6

    in south korea they need it for purchasing stuff on the internet, i dont know about others

    i asume that they dont know or care about alternatives, and i dont care about them – after a year or two IE 6 support in the western world will be completely dropped and asians will find out that more browsers exist

    • IE & Opera Fanboy says:

      I kinda agree. Western world should aggressively force it. In India no system forces it, it just they are all using pirated Windows or Government machines no one cares to update the system.

      • Kdfgnkdfgn says:

        im using pirated windows as well, because i cant afford the real thing, but im aware of all browsers and i prefer chrome and firefox, IE, even in version 9 is so behind

  4. Somebody should create ie7countdown page already :)

  5. 1234-- FF Nightly is the BEST! says:

    In pakistan, people are using more of firefox than IE..