IE Will Drop Under 50% By Mid 2012

By | September 3, 2011

IE Will Drop Under 50% By Mid 2012

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will lose its place as the majority browser next summer, according to statistics published by Web metrics company Net Applications.

That is, if the pace of IE’s decline over the last 12 months continues. This is about the same time Chrome will grab second place from Firefox, the stats show.

Microsoft, however, continues to stress the success of IE9, the edition launched last March, particularly on Windows 7.

On the newest rendition of Windows, IE9 accounts for 20.4% of all browsers globally, and 27.7% in the US, said Roger Capriotti, director of IE marketing.

That’s how we measure success in the IE business. – Capriotti, referring to Microsoft’s focus on IE9 and Windows 7

Nearly all of IE’s decline over the last year, and a much less dramatic dip by Mozilla’s Firefox, has gone to Chrome, said Net Applications.

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  1. *IF* :)

    I think it will drop <50% within 2-3 months. However, I strongly believe that IE will recover and regain some market share in 2012 and beyond. Mainly because of the potential Nokia WP7 success that has IE9 on it + IE10 release, which I am fairly confident will be a hit.

    • Cousin333 says:

      I think there is a certain status quo that hasn’t been reached yet. 95% was definitely too much so it is natural to go down. It will stop somewhere (depending on the current IE and its rivals), but won’t really go up for a while…

      I can use Firefox, Opera, Chrome on almost everywhere, but IE9 is only for Vista and 7, not even for XP. This is a big handicap for MS, and so is its infamous past as an insecure, ancient browser maker.

  2. andy liu says:

    I don’t care this. I use avant browser
    about 4 years .during this time, I used chrome, firefox and opera .in the end,
    I back to avant browser .stable, fast, useful .good job

  3. Ghjghnyky says:

    its always good to know a bad browser is losing its popularity,i think its too late for IE to be saved, i’d like to see it @30%, then its okay, as Firefox and Chrome have a bit more than that