HTML vs. HTML5 (Pic)

By | March 15, 2012

Ah, the good old days…

HTML vs. HTML5 (Pic)

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  1. Guest says:

    Yeah, we still haven’t been able to get rid of the dreaded Flash plugin though. 

  2. That’s funny, but I believe instead of simply Internet Explorer, it should have been IE 6, 7 or 8. BTW, I’m not an IE user. I use it only once to check my online bank statement every month. Unfortunately, my bank still doesn’t run on other browsers.

  3. daPhyre says:

    Hahaha!!! Good one XD

    But before IE7, not even HTML4 worked well… Yes, it worked, but not well…

    Probably they are refering to IE8 or before, since IE9 surely support a lot of HTML5 =P

  4. Rob says:



    run a quirks document through another browser it will add a html4 dtd to it…IE is the only browser to support quirks mode… there is quite a bit of difference in parsing a quirks document to the html4/5 standards.