How to Remove Opera Small Blue Dots Near Tabs?

By | December 11, 2009

If you are annoyed by those white/blue dots appearing in your tab tab, then here is a solution on how to “disable” them:

1. Download the following skin (still pending Opera approval, so mirror is at
2. Close Opera.
3. Place file to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera\skin”, “C:\Program Files\Opera\skin” or other location, where Opera is installed.
4. Open Opera and go to: Tools > Appearance… > Skin and select “Reloaded”.
5. Enjoy.

How to Remove Opera Small Blue Dots Near Tabs?

How to Remove Opera Small Blue Dots Near Tabs?


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  1. onlyme says:

    hmm, when I want to install it on 10.10, I get an Incompatible skin error “Please select a skin made for your version of Opera”.

  2. werwolf says:

    You should correct this line, which is wrong:
    Author=Opera Software

    Why to install a new skin, replace 3 images is enough!

    For people who do not use Standard skin is this useless as well.

    • Yes, I changed author, but then that error sometimes appears: “Please select a skin made for your version of Opera”.

      I don’t know if this is because I edited .ini in Notepad, but will wait till Opera approves skin so can resubmit.

  3. Osjan says:

    Personally I find them pretty useful :)

  4. Corinna Piss says:

    Yeah! I will try it when I get back to my main computer. Even if I see a usefulness for these finished-loaded-unseen-tab icons, they annoy me, like the blue font for the equivalent purpose in other skins. Hopefully Opera ASA will introduce the ability to turn this feature off in Preferences.

  5. ElderOp says:

    I noticed the Blue Dots shortly after installing Opera 10.10… they don’t bother me, but I have wondered what they are… what function do they provide, if any?


  6. werwolf says:

    the dot appears as well on chat tab, when somebody posts something.

    After finishing download of files or emails appears a red dot at the transfers icon.

    It is a nice graphical element.

  7. P.S. Dots were only removed from tabs.

  8. werwolf says:

    With what did you replace the attention state?

  9. Petter Nilsen says:

    The new skin is incorrectly created as it doesn’t fall back to the default skin but instead includes all elements, even the ones that are not changed. Chances are it will be rejected. Please see on how to create skins.