How to Enable Firefox 3.6 Tab Preview?

By | November 1, 2009

How to Enable Firefox 3.6 Tab Preview?

Here’s how you can enable tab preview in Firefox 3.6:

Type the following line into your address bar:

How to Enable Firefox 3.6 Tab Preview?

Look for:

Set both to true.

Use Ctrl + Tab to switch between tabs or Ctrl + Shift + Tab to get a list of opened ones.


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  1. Steve says:

    Is Tab preview in Firefox 3.6 better than Opera one?

  2. Rafael says:

    Someone could please explain to me why Opera Software do nothing when competitors steal them ideas? It’s getting boring… t.t

    • Daniel says:

      Well what can they do, tell them to stop? They do not patent things because they are not going to damage the web like Apple does, Apple patents everything. >:@

    • Foo says:

      It’s based on alt+tab switching as introduced somewhere around the times of Windows 3.

      AOL Explorer 1.2 (2005-11) had Tab Switch Preview and Tab Hover Preview before Opera which got it in v.9 (2006-06-20).
      Though it seems that tab preview when switching were turned off by default in Opera, until version 10.10 or something, for no apparent reason, so no one apparently knew about it anyway. Even now it only previews one tab at a time so it’s useless anyway.

      I take it you think Opera should remove their Tab Dock? I mean OmniWeb 5 had it back in 2004.
      Since then it’s been available in Firefox through Firefox Showcase (2006-01-07) and Tab Sidebar (2008-02-17). All way before Opera.

      … or how about the ability to render HTML? Where that also ‘stolen’ by time-travelers?

      • nobody says:

        maybe he meant what i was also asking myself:

        when opera will start to steal OTHER’s ideas. because some of these are realy good, and are missing badly from opera

        • Washout says:

          Stop whining about Opera, you moron.

          By the way, you never replied to my reply to your lies and FUD in the “pwning Unite” post:

          That list is 2 months old, and either only affected the pre-alpha demo/concept version, or are non-issues that are true for ANY web server.

          Unite as a concept is secure. That doesn’t mean that there can’t be any security holes. Security holes can appear in any application.

          Your irrational hatred of Opera is really making you blind to the fact that your irrational bashing of Opera in this case means that you have to irrationally bash anyone who creates a web server!

          LOL, Unite doesn’t mask your IP address?! If THAT is a security issue, then THE WHOLE INTERNET IS A SECURITY ISSUE!

          You are and will always be a moron.