How to Add WolframAlpha to Your Web Browser Search Engines List

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WolframAlpha has been getting a lot of buzz recently from all over the internet (no, it’s not a web search engine), so why not post about it here?

If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s basically a “knowledge engine” with lots of valuable data. For instance: by typing “microsoft apple” you will see its stock price, dividend information, average returns and more:

How to Add WolframAlpha to Your Web Browser Search Engines List

Earth, Saturn, Sun results

How to Add WolframAlpha to Your Web Browser Search Engines List

Add WolframAlpha to:

Internet Explorer
Open the following page and enter:
Name: WolframAlpha
Hit Install button

Firefox (and its based web browsers)
Just install the following add-on and you are ready to go.

I haven’t found a way to add any additional search engine on Windows OS.
If you are using Mac OS, feel free to try Saft

Right click on the address bar > Edit search engines > Add
Name: WolframAlpha
Keyword: W

Tools > Preferences > Search: Add
Name: WolframAlpha
Keyword: W

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  1. Wilmer says:

    For Opera it’s easier to just right-click into the search field on the WolframAlpha site and choose “Create Search…”, give a keyword of your choice and click “OK”. Done.

  2. You are right, thanks for a tip!

  3. Morghus says:

    Damn you Wilmer, was going to suggest that! *grins*

    It’s a really sweet engine, but it’d be nice with some way to know if the info aggregated was actually true, because right now I can’t see if there’s any reference materials.

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