Grab Opera 10.01 Now

By | October 28, 2009

Grab Opera 10.01 NowWhile waiting for Opera 10.10 Final release, Daniel Hendrycks has noticed a very first Opera 10.0x update, which is already uploaded to Opera Software servers. Although there are no official announcements yet, you can already download it from their website.

Opera 10.01 fixes a total of 3 security issues, also, various interface, mail, news and other issues.

Opera 10.01 changelog.


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  1. Just to let you know: as I was writing this post, Opera has officially released it.

  2. cousin333 says:

    Just for the record. Opera 10.01 DOES NOT contain Unite, and runs the widgets in the good old fashioned way (so not browser independent)…

    The funny is, that the Opera Link is now in Tools menu, although they used to say, that this new arrangement is connected to Unite. It seems they’ve detached it.

    • Washout says:

      Not sure what’s so “funny” about it. The changelog even clearly states:

      “Opera Link button with dropdown menu on the status bar; access to Opera Link in the main menu moved to Tools”

      • cousin333 says:

        Yes, I can read (and I’m using it as well)…

        Right before 10.00 was released, the weeklies for 10 and 10.10 versions came side-by-side. In 10.10 versionss there were a nice Unite and a Link setting page, that opened from Tools menu. In the 10’s branch, the Opera Link menupoint was in the File menu as before. The latter one is much more ugly and unprofessonal, and some poeple asked Opera, why don’t they put the new Opera Link settings in Opera 10 also. The answer was, that the new style is related to Unite, therefore it cannot be included in Opera 10 (by that time it was known, that Unite won’t made it to 10 final). And lo, Opera 10 came out with the old setting style.

        But now, with 10.01 which also not includes Unite, suddenly we have the new settings window starting in Tools menu. So the funny is, that it is possible, maybe because in the mean time they’ve detached the setting from Unite.

        Hope I was more understandable this time… :)

        • WellDuh says:

          The answer was, that the new style is related to Unite, therefore it cannot be included in Opera 10

          Not really. They never said it cannot. They just said that it was part of the Unite changes. Why would they say “cannot” when it was obviously not impossible to do?

        • somebody says:

          I think the reason could be that they have included Unite in this build but disabled it completely except for the link part. The reason i suspect this is that the file size is 9.4 MB which is larger than the normal one which used to be around 7 MB. This one is more near to the size of the weekly builds with Unite included.