Google Using Gmail to Convert IE Users to Firefox, Chrome

By | December 30, 2008

Beyond pushing Chrome on and planning to roll it out with OEMs, Google has found a new way to tell users about its browser. This time, the search giant is targeting IE users who use Gmail. With a simple “Get faster Gmail” message (which only appears in IE), Google is luring users of its e-mail service to a support page which explains that IE is slow at running Gmail.

The solution, according to Google, is to switch browsers. After offering download links to both Firefox and Chrome, Google notes that IE8 (which is faster at Javascript than previous IE versions) is now in development.

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  1. Mark. says:

    But why no mention of Opera? It works nicely with Gmail, faster than Firefox..

  2. Firefox has Google toolbar integrated.
    Chrome is… Well, Google

    Opera doesn’t help Google to gather any data or so, revenue sharing from ads is too less I guess.

  3. Foo says:

    “Google toolbar integrated”… uh, what are you ever talking about?
    The closest thing in default Firefox to the Google Toolbar is the quick search field which defaults to Google, though it’s the same in Opera… so what are you talking about that I’ve apparently missed?

  4. Hm, looks like that page download link offers Firefox without Google toolbar. Strange though, as they used to promote the one with toolabar more. Google ads, etc

    My mistake there.

  5. Foo says:

    Ah, so that’s what you meant.
    Sorry, I thought it sounded like you meant that the default install of Firefox (as downloaded from for example) came with the Google Toolbar pre-installed.

  6. DeclinedDoomed says:

    Nice to see Google recommending browsers to gmail users, but I’d like to see Opera added to that list.

  7. Tiago Sá says:

    Atta boy! Go google, and at least steal some market share from those evil IE users who are killing the web!