Google Updates Chrome After Microsoft Blunder

By | October 4, 2011

Google Updates Chrome After Microsoft BlunderRemember how Microsoft Security Essentials “mistakenly” classified Google Chrome as malware? Well, Google released new versions of Chrome for both the “stable” and “beta” channels to fix the Microsoft mess.

Although Microsoft released an antivirus definition file within hours of the Friday fiasco, scores of Chrome users reported that they were unable to reinstall the browser or that if they had, they had lost their browser bookmarks.

Google responded later Friday with a blog post that spelled out the steps Chrome users had to take to restore the browser. The Saturday updates were released to assist that process, a Google spokeswoman said in an email reply to questions today.

The team rolled out another update of the Chrome stable and beta builds to ensure that users who may have had their Chrome executable deleted due to the faulty Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus updater would receive a new update of Chrome. – a Google spokeswoman

According to the spokeswoman, the Chrome updates made moot the manual uninstall reinstall process that Google had outlined the day before.

We rolled out new builds so that assuming users’ Microsoft Security Essentials tools were updated and they received the new Chrome executable, their browser would be restored. – a Google spokeswoman


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Until Chrome stops installing itself in my app data folder, its malware to me.

    • Rudi Visser says:

      What’s the problem with this exactly? Most programs follow this structure nowadays for local user installations, and sometimes the VirtualStore (of Program Files) is created/copied for that user too (automatically).