Google to Stop Supporting IE6 on YouTube

By | July 15, 2009

Good news, Google Inc. has decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 web browser on YouTube.

The following screenshot was taken by IE6 user

YouTube IE6
Picture Source: Neowin

As you can see, Google recommends upgrading web browser to Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 8 or Google Chrome.

Speaking of IE6 support, I no longer code for it and neither should you. Otherwise, we may end up supporting it for many years to come as sites works fine with Internet Explorer 6.

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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    As always, there’s a time and a place for things. I haven’t coded for IE6 in a long while (even though I do CSS hack sheets if possible, not don’t go out of my way to fix hard stuff), and it’s good to see major sites doing the same.

    The best thing about this is that people will start to get involved in the “browser choice thing”, people who previously couldn’t give a damn about it, people who stubbornly and stupidly refused to even address the matter. Maybe now they’ll start caring about themselves, and help those who do in the process.

  2. Yes, soon IE6 will be dead!!

  3. nobody says:

    this day milions of corporate sheeps had they life ruined.. corporations are what keep ie6 alive. there are tens of millions of win2000 workstations that are going nowhere, there are 100s of milions of xp s2 machines with everything blocked and locked out that will never be upgraded to ie7.

    no site, no matter how big and powerfull is not going to change that. it is a nice move, but people should start to understand the reality they want to change. ie6 lives in corpo environment. and corpos do not give a damn about youtube or myfacebookspace

  4. woo hoo! says:

    No more coding IE specific pages!
    No Internet Explorer 6!

    Things are beginning to look up. :)

  5. Thank god, finally. says:

    Finally we have a change to get rid of this ancient browser which has been pain in the ass for most of web developers.
    Thank you Google!