Google To Developers: Start Targeting Google Chrome Only

By | September 12, 2011

Google To Developers: Start Targeting Google Chrome OnlyIt looks like the web ain’t all rainbows and sunshine as the latest document; “Future of JavaScript”, obtained from Google’s internal “JavaScript Summit” had some interesting things to say.

First of all, Google now encourages developers to start targeting Chrome only web browser when possible and is eager to implement at least some of the ECMAScript Harmony as soon as possible.

According to the same document, in case developers start focusing on all the web browsers, they will have to wait multiple years to get a direct Harmony support.

Here is an excerpt from the document:

What will Google developers be using?
We will strongly encourage Google developers start off targeting Chrome-only whenever possible as this gives us the best end user experience.

Developers who can focus solely on Chrome can expect to be able to see some Harmony features in Chrome (behind a flag) by the middle of 2011. Developers focusing on all browsers will have to wait multiple years for direct Harmony support, due to the relatively slow pace of the standardization process.

Whether or not Harmony claims are true, remains to be seen, but in case they are, Google’s position is pretty much justified, if you ask us.

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  1. duri says:

    After ten years, there comes once again a time of “the only proper browser”.

  2. Google Rules says:

    Google rules the internet…

    I am so happy…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hold on a minute, Firefox is way ahead of Chrome when it comes to ECMAScript Harmony support.

    Some googlers do not believe that JavaScript can continue to grow and they will launch a new language. This sounds like VBScript 2.0 to my ears.

    So Google is (a) lying about ES Harmony support and (b) trying to disrupt the universal nature of the web.

    Time for the employees to read the company motto about evil again!

  4. Denis Hoctor says:

    Taken at face value I’m unimpressed. I hope this is taken out of context. As a Web Dev that works from Chrome first I’m disgusted to see these kinds of statements.

    I’d be over the Moon to see the end of IE6/7/8 in my day job (thats includes 9 to a lessor degree) but not at the expense of the vibrant and open web. We need strong vendors that provide consumer choice and take a strong standards approach. Not cowboys that go off and do their own thing.

  5. mr_den says:

    so… now google encourages developers to use browser sniffing?

    the battle between google and apple to be the next microsoft has begun