Google Pulls the Trigger, Halts IE6 Support

By | February 1, 2010

Google Pulls the Trigger, Halts IE6 SupportIt’s finally happening. After years of waiting, Google has pulled off Internet Explorer 6 support from 2 of their apps: Google Sites and Docs.

Last year, company asked IE6 users to upgrade their browsers, when such visited popular video sharing site

Here’s what Google said in their official statement:
“After that point, certain functionality within these applications may have higher latency and may not work correctly in these older browsers”

“Starting next week, users on these older browsers will see a message in Google Docs and the Google Sites editor explaining this change and asking them to upgrade their browser. We will also alert you again closer to March 1 to remind you of this change”


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  1. forumchild says:

    and im guessing other search engines will still continue to support IE6?

    • pneumatyka says:

      Its not about search engines support. Its about certain web applications support. will obviously “support” IE6. ;)

      IMHO this decision is definitely part of “promote Chrome” strategy, however this browser should be gone long time ago. No one will miss it. Unless in few years IE6 oldskool trend will appear :P

  2. RamaSubbu SK says:

    Good that Google is doing, if Microsoft is doing the same then the whole world will be aganist them.

  3. Spaceball says:

    Google does not just cease support for IE6. They also cease support for Firefox 2 and Safari 2. Google will only support the latest version of Chrome as well.