Google Patents Floating Google Chrome Menus

By | February 26, 2013

Google Patents Floating Google Chrome MenusInvolves touch sensitive housing.

Now here is an interesting patent application by the search giant himself. According to PatentBolt, Google has been granted a patent, which would make our life much easier.

Since today’s phones and tablets don’t have tons of hardware keys, navigating through the web involves a lot of hand movement as you have to reach the navigation bar, which is usually placed in the upper side of the screen.

Well, things are about to change, just check this illustration:

Google Patents Floating Google Chrome Menus

As you can see in the picture above, navigation bar will react to your hand’s placement and move accordingly. As a result, navigating the we (or any application) will be that much easier.

Is that great or what?

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  1. Przemysław Lib says:

    Another nice feature coming DIRECTLY from current hw capabilities.

    Its like someone patented riding sack of potatoes on horseback back in XV. Just because nobody have patent on it…….

    Just another sensor, and another straighforward action for tha sensor input. We already do it for tablets with acceleromets. You change tablet aligment and menu move to “better” position.

    Here you change one sensor to other, and rest is same. Just move menu to “better” position.

    Dumb. Like wheel patent granted in Australia in 2005 describing round wheel (wooden, with bars, just like one you see on medieval movies…)

  2. En_joy says:

    Does this imply a Chrome OS tablet? Yes, please! Less than than $150 and watch it fly into shopping carts.