Google: No Plans For Chrome On Windows Phone

By | August 5, 2014

Google: No Plans For Chrome On Windows PhoneNeeds more privileges.

Earlier this year we reported that Google was investigating the possibility of Google Chrome on Windows Phone, which got our hopes high.

Now, it looks like the search giant has finally reached a decision and it’s simple: there won’t be Google Chrome on WP anytime soon, the reason? According to the updated post, “Chrome needs more privileges than a regular metro app so there is no simple port.”

Maybe after WP9…

[Via: WMPU]

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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    This is the same reason there isn’t and there won’t be a Firefox for Windows Phone.

    Unsurprisingly. To this day, I’m not really sure how Chrome ever got into iOS, so I really can’t see it ever getting into WP.

  2. fujiy says:

    Interesting how Google accepted to build Chrome on iOS using a Web Control that is just a slow version of Safari

  3. Mehran says:

    Enjoying Firefox on Android!

  4. IE user says:

    Ok fine, why do you build Google search, maps, Youtube,…etc for Windows Phone and modern windows ? I guess it has access to that all the services needed for these.