Google Joins EU, Microsoft Case as a 3rd Party

By | February 25, 2009

Well, it looks like Google has joined Mozilla in the Microsoft and EU antitrust case as a 3rd party.

Sundar Pichai said:

This is because Internet Explorer is tied to Microsoft’s dominant computer operating system, giving it an unfair advantage over other browsers. Compare this to the mobile market, where Microsoft cannot tie Internet Explorer to a dominant operating system, and its browser therefore has a much lower usage

There are also some interesting comments over there, for instance:

How many times have Google themselves locked out competition – rolling out technologies that breaks standards to support Mozilla firefox’s traction and blindly doing it for IE…”

I guess there will be no more cakes to Mozilla from IE team anytime soon.

Microsoft hasn’t responded to the following move yet.

P.S. Has Opera Software joined this case as third party as well, or just reported?

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  1. mabdul says:

    they don’t need to join. because the reported it they get the info every “third party” gets also. they are by automatic a 3rd party