Google Does the Right Thing, Drops Useless Features

By | October 20, 2015

Google Does the Right Thing, Drops Useless FeaturesMakes few people upset as a result.

Now here’s a pretty controversial move. Focusing on the masses and what they use, Google has decided to drop some of the least popular features in its Chrome web browser.

For example, the upcoming release will drop notifications center (which was added back in 2013), as pretty much no one was using it, according to Google.

In addition to that, Google Chrome 46 won’t include the “always listening” feature on the desktop, allowing users to utilize voice search by simply saying “OK Google”. It should be noted though that the voice search itself won’t be removed it’s just that you will have to click on the mic icon first. So why remove it? Combine privacy concerns with very few users and you got yourself a reason.

[Via: Google, CNET]

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  1. rfv says:

    What Opera does, since v 15: they do not implement USEFUL features!