Google Chrome to Receive Scrolling Tabs

By | April 8, 2011

Google Chrome to Receive Scrolling Tabs

One of our readers, Shane Bundy, has noticed an interesting new feature that is planned for the future Google Chrome versions: scrolling tabs.

If you are not familiar with the scrolling tabs feature, see the picture above. It’s that arrow in the right corner which will appear after way too many tabs were opened and they no longer fit on your screen.

Hopefully, it can be disabled as well.

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  1. for me personally: no go.

    For most users: does not matter (they never open more than half a dozen tabs at once)

  2. Tiago Sá says:

    Chrome not having scrollable tabs is THE single biggest usability issue with it. Fantastic that they’re finally going to fix their stupid browser. Of course, now they need to fix all the rest that they’ve overlooked for, what, two years now? Yeah…

    • I still don’t understand the point of scrolling tabs from the productivity perspective.

      Doesn’t it take longer to open certain tabs?

      • Cousin333 says:

        I agree, scrolling tabs is one of the most useless features. It is slow and unintuitive, I don’t see one reason why to use it, as it makes more trouble than it solves.

      • Tiago Sá says:

        I personally look at it like scrolling pages. You don’t have the whole page displayed on one screen, you have it scroll, because otherwise you can’t see anything. Tabs in chrome are like that: you can’t see anything.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Another day, another feature copied from Opera. In Opera’s prefs, you can turn on tab-bar scrolling…

    • Somebody says:

      I like the way Firefox implements this feature. In Opera, it is not completely usable. Good to see Chrome getting it. I wish Opera also implements it properly.

    • Armin says:

      Now that is something I didn’t know about Opera. How do I implement it?

      • Somebody says:

        Right click on Tab Bar and select “Customize” -> “Appearance”. In the menu, select “Wrapping” -> Show extender Menu.

        It is not actually a scroll bar , but more like a button which will show the tabs that are not visible, when you click on the button. I find it very clumsy as when i click on the button and select a tab, the tab is still not visible in the tab bar. I find it very confusing as i prefer to close the tab by clicking on the tab bar, rather than middle click.
        Firefox, on the other hand has a very nice implementation of this feature. When you click on the button, the tab bar scrolls to the right and displays the group of tabs that are currently not visible. One of the few features of Firefox that i wish were implemented in Opera.
        Ofcourse, Selecting the tab to wrap to multiple lines makes the scrolling tabs obsolete.

        • Armin says:

          I checked out the two additional wrapping options and I think I will stick with the original setting. Just my preference. Thanks for teaching me something new about Opera, though. I’ve been using the browser for a few years already and didn’t know about this…x]