Google Chrome, Now with PDF Viewer

By | November 5, 2010

Google Chrome, Now with PDF ViewerApparently, Flash is not enough.

Google has recently announced that the latest version of Google Chrome Beta now includes an integrated PDF viewer.

This is good news for everyone, who prefers their computers to be as clean as possible. No more additional software or plugin downloads for you.

According to blog post, Google has also added an additional layer of security around the PDF viewer, which is always a welcomed step.


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  1. nvm says:

    This was really needed. Now we’ll just have to wait for everyone else to follow Google’s lead.

  2. nobody says:

    this is one of moves that i like. pdf parsing is easy – esp now, when format settled a bit – and should be done by browser, but external plugin should stay as an option.

    but ONLY if printing works, google pdf preview in gmail redefined what ‘lame printing’ means ie.: it cannot cope with anything complex.

    what with active pdf forms? how will it work?

  3. Ichann says:

    I thought chrome had this

    • Hi There! says:

      The dev channel has for a while, but they’ve been working on it to get it to a state they feel is ready for the main branch. If it’s in the beta channel now, it should be in the stable channel soon enough.

  4. Mark says:

    Is this REALLY a good move, considering that 80% of web vulnerabilities are not in PDF parsing?

    Funny that everyone considered Abobe PDF Reader as bloat, whinged that it used a tonne of memory because it added a windows quickstart that reserved a big chunk of memory just in case you wanted to view PDF’s. They are happy that their browser is now doing the same, bloating itself out on the offchance you want to view PDF…

    Funny world…