Google Chrome: Meet the New Logo

By | March 17, 2011 | 9 Comments

Google Chrome: Meet the New Logo

It looks like the latest Dev channel build of Google Chrome now includes a fresh icon.

No more will you see a 3D like effect, instead, company has decided to go for a clean and simple approach.

Google Chrome: Meet the New Logo

Google Chrome: Meet the New Logo

Google Chrome: Meet the New Logo

While it does not look much better in side by side comparison, in the actual Windows 7 Superbar, it’s absolutely amazing.

Via: DownloadSquad

Thanks, Ichann.

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  • Daniel Hendrycks

    I wonder if they will change the Canary icon.

    • Sarjoor

      There is an updated Canary icon as well. Just check the icons available inside the Dev chrome.exe executable file. So far, the new Canary icon only seems available inside the Dev chrome.exe executable.

  • Grrblt

    Wow. Those new icons are complete crap compared to the old ones.

  • Armin

    Two of my friends and I prefer the old logos as well.

  • Anonymous

    I like the current one THANKS, please don’t change it on me.

  • Anonymous

    Everything is going from 3d to flatness. I actually like it. As “cool” as the 3d ones may look, the new ones are much easier and look better overall than the old ones.

  • Rudi Visser

    Wow Chrome’s even copying IE features now, no longer is it just Opera ;-)

    Notice the similarities between IE/Chrome logos?

    • Armin

      I noticed it too but was afraid to comment!

  • thvi

    The browser is called CHROME, isn’t ? :)