Google Chrome Beta For Android Brings Touch Improvements

By | December 15, 2013

Google Chrome Beta For Android Brings Touch ImprovementsIf you’ve ever used Android and then switched to iPhone or Windows Phone, then droid’s touch responsiveness and scrolling performance is not something you will ever miss or dream about experiencing again.

Now, it looks like Google has managed to pull something neat out of its magic hat as the latest beta version of Google Chrome for Android offers significant responsiveness improvements. According to the latest report, a 300ms delay that takes place every time someone taps a portion of the screen has been since removed, which was demonstrated in the video below.

So what kind of magic was that? Actually, it’s pretty simple. All Google did was remove a 300ms buffer that was there to protect users from accidental taps.

Want to try it out?

Google Chrome Beta for Android

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  1. WOFall says:

    I’m afraid your source is a bit off. Try this:

    The delay was not about “accidental taps”, and iOS and windows browsers currently still suffer the 300 ms delay. In fact, this report even mentions how it would/will be very hard for Apple to fix on their platform.