Google Chrome 6 Dev Is Here

By | May 16, 2010

Google Chrome 6 Beta Is HereHere we go again. The sixth version of Google Chrome, labeled 6.0.401.1, has been just released and can be found at dev channel.

Just like with some previous “major” releases, it has neither significant improvements nor any under the hood changes.

– Don’t prepend scheme on copying an incomplete hostname. (Issue 43585)
– Much better display/eliding of RTL and mixed-direction strings in the omnibox dropdown. (Issue 41716)



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  1. yamin says:

    Opera is a “internet suit” and faster than Chrome.
    FireFox better too my 1st browser firefox
    chrome suck

    • kkg_ says:

      Yes, this is where most of the comparators fail.

      Opera is a full blown Internet Suite, NOT just a browser, and as such cannot be compared to silly little “only-browsers” such as Firefox and Chrome. And as an internet suite, it’s still much smaller and faster than those plain-browsers.

      If you’re going to compare, compare it with SeaMonkey for example (only internet suite out there still maintained, iirc.)

      • Rafael says:

        I just can’t believe they’ll continuously increase the version number just to appear to be a old and good web browser where no feature or fixes at all are really added.

    • Ichann says:

      That is just sad.

      Show me where Opera was mentioned in the article

    • nvm says:

      Actually Chrome is now marginally faster than Opera.

      Suck it! :D

  2. Tiago Sá says:

    To be fair. Opera was always faster, in general, than the competition… And yet Firefox is the biggest of the non-IE, and Chrome isn’t growing nearly as fast as Firefox grew…

    Speed just isn’t a big priority for most people (and that’s completely understandable, since the biggest speed gains come from Browser customization rather than raw speed, that’s why Firefox is king), and what makes people a bit paranoid about it now is the immense marketing campaign from Google. Ultimately, that’s what people really care about: marketing campaigns.

    And it’s all well and good. Firefox could really use a bit of less market share to start speeding up it’s development even more :)

    • Reaction says:

      Until Chrome has an extension that actually ‘blocks’ ads and not simply ‘hide’…. Firefox is bound to rule. With the new speed enhancements coming for Firefox, it is hard to see Chrome getting too far.

      Opera has a nice adblock function that actually blocks ads. But 10.50 series releases are a disaster when comes to stability and performance. Opera uses up insane amount of RAM and CPU.

      • Tiago Sá says:

        It wouldn’t surprise me if it were simply impossible to create an extension that actually blocks ads instead of hiding them… Chrome’s extension platform is really limited, due to their moronic sandbox design…

        • Reaction says:

          Chrome speed is totally an illusion. I agree that it processes javascript faster but actual browsing experience is better with blocking ads.

          But you’re right, why would Google support actual ad blocking? After all that is their business.

          I see future in Firefox and Opera.

          • nvm says:

            Whatever gave you the idea that you can’t block ads with Chrome? You can!

            Mozilla isn’t support ad blocking any more than Google is either.

        • Reaction says:

          Forgot to mention Srware Iron browser. This is made from Chromium source and also includes actual adblocking feature. Although this feature is primitive, it is better than Chrome.

  3. Preston says:

    Is Opera paying people to post here or something?

    • Ichann says:

      I believe so.

      Vygantas: Please Please Please, make a forum for the fanbois.

      Better yet, omit the words “Opera” from the site entirely. Make something so people cannot type Opera.


      • Ichann says:

        Have you people tried Maxthon 3?

        I hear its way better than Opera.

        Maxthon 3. The better browser.

        • Reaction says:

          here we go… ban Maxthon fanboys too??

          • yamin says:

            i use maxthon 3
            still beta and missed more featurs
            and its crash always

          • Ichann says:

            Apart from Asia, Maxthon hardly has a userbase. Non the less people who visit this site.

            You can ban us when we become ‘famous’ like Opera.

          • Ichann says:

            Mine never crashed. Although I don’t use it much.

            Hmm update available.

      • pneumatyka says:

        Right, or better yet, change every “Opera” instance in every comment into “Firefox”, or “Chrome”, or better “Internet Explorer”.

      • Rafael says:

        No censorship of the comments! Freedom of speech!

        • Ichann says:

          Sorry but the first amendment is not bound to the realms of the interwebs.

          That depends on the moderator. The question is: ‘Is s/he an asshole to banish free speech’?

    • nvm says:

      Who paid you to post here Preston?

      And why are you not complaining about people posting about other browsers in Opera stories?

      Double standards rock!

  4. Dels says:

    why they keep increasing version number? do they know about software versioning where there is major, minor, build number, etc?

    or they just want to chase another browser (say IE that will be at 9 soon, or Opera with they 10 release)

    really a bad marketing that make user confuse… new version again without no new major features

  5. Grrblt says:

    Gmail spent years in beta, Chrome is gaining version numbers every day. Maybe Google is trying to get a good average on the two.

  6. montypytacz says:

    Google must think that Chrome users are totally retarded.

    • nvm says:

      How come? Does making something easy, simple and streamlined equal “retarded”? I don’t think so!

  7. Support I.E dammit says:

    sad how I.E gets no love on here. I mean, don’t you just loove switching “protected mode” on and off…

    wait till the day I.E dies, then you will all feel the loss… :D

  8. Now there is a new frowser available called “Epic browser”. Its based on firefox(not yet another Geko clone) and lightening fast. It has an antivirus engine and a word processor called ‘write’  associated with it. All the firefox addons are working. There are a whole lot of applications available in the side bar called ‘epic apps’. Speed of the browser is amazing.