Google Chrome 4.0, 1 800 Extensions and Bookmark Sync

By | January 26, 2010

After months in beta, Google has finally released final version of Chrome 4.0 web browser. Furthermore, it now officially supports extensions and bookmark synchronization (Google account required).

The best thing about long awaited extensions is: browser restart is not required. It’s just a one click installation, simple as that. Also, they are automatically updated.

As for today, there are over 1 800 extensions available, such as: Google Voice, url shortener, IE Tab Classic and many more.

Download Google Chrome.


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  1. Morbus says:

    For those interested, it’s still using unbelievable amounts of RAM.

  2. Damian says:

    That’s because it uses multi-process architecture. High memory usage is a drawback but you gain the best XSS security and much better memory management (less fragmentation after multiple sites browsing).

  3. nobody says:

    it has to be said, true popularity of extensions and their relevance to browser succes should be clear:

    1800 extensions BEFORE chrome extensions went live
    ~30 unite services months after opera final and publi release (including 5 or 6 versions of ‘fridge’).

    are there still people believing that opera lacking extensions isnt shooting itself in a foot?

    • Crackerflack says:

      Quit spamming the site with irrelevant Opera comments. Are Opera paying you to mention them in every single story or something?

      And comparing extensions to Unite apps? Heh. Apples and oranges comparisons are rather lame, and only show that you are ready to defeat your own argument before you have even made it.

    • nvm says:

      The only problem with those 1800 Chrome extensions is that most of them are pure garbage. This includes themes, test extensions that don’t really do anything, single-purpose extensions that don’t really do anything except look at a page, etc.

      It’s easy to get to 1800 if you fill it with garbage.

      • nobody says:


        sorry, but fridge-like applications are garbage.

        even if 10% of these 2000 extensions are ‘good’, thats still 200, way way more than what opera managed to achieve. same goes with number of users, number of downloads and speed with extensions are created and adopted by 3rd party companies (like amazon or digg).

        you dont see, and with current opera image and attitude, will never see such moves when it comes to opera ‘extensions’.

        opera focuses on mobile makers and carriers. ignoring users and always pleasing cariers first. what it takes is webkit browser to kick opera out of one of the big manufacturers and spell an end to this rather short term and lame strategy.

        • nvm says:

          I’m not sure you can compare Unite and extensions. Extensions are kind of, anyone can do anything, while Unite apps are kind of special and a new way to do stuff.

          Gotta agree with the other guy, though. Why are you posting about Opera in a story about Chrome? If you are so sure that Opera is doomed, why don’t you just let things run its course instead of constantly fishing for responses by posting totally off-topic comments? Your comments aren’t going to do anything either way.

  4. Nemesis6 says:

    I’m just waiting for a proper version of adblock for Chrome. At present, none of them work quite right – Load the ads, then hide them, and miss a lot of them. Apparently this all has its roots in Chrome’s lack of support for something called “content policy”.