Google Chrome 10 Introduces Crankshaft

By | December 8, 2010

Google Chrome 10 Introduces Crankshaft

The race is on.

Google Chrome fans will scream out of the excitement, as Google has recently released the very first build of Google Chrome 10 with Crankshaft.

What is that?
It is a new compilation infrastructure for Google’s V8 JavaScript engine.

Vygantas, it’s confusing and such, just give us benchmarks already.

Google Chrome 10 Introduces Crankshaft

Google Chrome 10 Introduces Crankshaft

According to Google, Crankshaft has four main components that help to achieve such performance improvements:

  • A base compiler which is used for all code initially.
  • A runtime profiler which monitors the running system and identifies hot code, i.e., code that we spend a significant amount of the time running.
  • An optimizing compiler which recompiles and optimizes hot code identified by the runtime profiler.
  • Deoptimization support which allows the optimizing compiler to be optimistic in the assumptions it makes when generating code.

In case you want to test it as well, just head over to the canary builds page and seek for download link.

Thanks, Toxigene.

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  1. Jote says:

    Are we going to see Chrome 21 next year? :|

  2. RamaSubbu SK says:

    Wow!! This is just add pressure on other browsers. Heathy competition, way to go Chrome!
    Chrome OS is also adding pressure to Apple & MS , to reduce the boot time.

    Now the world is changing, here comes the true & tuff competitions.

  3. daddylo says:

    The questions are do I get less crashes and do I will feel the extra speed ?
    I thoguht current stable is version 8, did they now released version 10 ?

    • Simon says:

      there are different releases (called channels):

      Stable – updated once a month – currently on V.8
      Beta – updated a few times a month – guessing v.9
      Dev – updated once a week – guessing V.10
      Canary – updated every day or two – currently on V.10

  4. max1c says:

    Benchmarking on V8 ? Show us all benchmarks or never happened.

  5. Now question is – who will be first to achieve version 11. I know Opera is close, but look at this… It would be funny, though.

    • Grrblt says:

      Version 4 of Chrome was released less than a year ago (Jan 25, 2010). We got Chrome 7 seven weeks after Chrome 6, and Chrome 8 after another six weeks. At this pace, version 11 of Chrome will most likely come before August of 2011. Probably not before Opera 11, but very possibly before Opera 11.1.

      • Andylee says:

        Opera 11 is coming before christmas. ;)

        • Grrblt says:

          Unless you work at Opera and are leaking company secrets, you don’t know that. Yes, I have seen the thing at chooseopera, but no, it doesn’t say Opera 11 is coming before christmas. It says that something connected to it is.

  6. nvm says:

    Although this is good news, they really should stop using the v8 bench. It gives the impression that they are worried that it won’t hold up in other tests.

  7. john Martin says:

    80Mb of disk usage for a feature-less browser; learn from Opera