Google Chrome: 1 Browser, 2 Mice

By | April 6, 2012

Your dreams come true with Google Chrome.

If you always wanted to use a stylus or even a joystick to steer your web experience, now you can as the latest Google Chrome release includes a support for two mice or any other devices that can be plugged to your computer.

Thanks to a new multitasking feature, two users can surf the web at the same time and on the same computer. If that doesn’t sound too exciting, you can always play a video game while pretending to do something productive.

You can download Google Chrome Multitask Mode from the following web site and yes, it was April fools joke, the most useless day in all year.

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  1. Кostadin says:

    April fools’….

  2. Shane Bundy says:

    Google Chrome has got some experimental gamepad support – maybe they based their joke on that. :-p

  3. Anonymous says:

    Google is the only company that would get this serious about tricking people on April Fools Day. 

    • Кostadin says:

      IMHO Opera’s attempt was better – insufficient data center capacity is more believable than working with two mouses, never mind  checking mailbox together :)  

  4. daPhyre says:

    Hahahaha!!! This was a very good one =P