Google Bundles Flash to Chrome

By | March 30, 2010

Google Bundles Flash to ChromeAfter some rumors floating around, it’s now official. Google has announced its partnership with Adobe and its plans to integrate Flash player into Chrome browser. In fact, latest dev build already offers that.

Adobe, Google and Mozilla are also working closely together on the next generation browser plug-in API, which is set to address “the shortcomings of the current browser plug-in model”.

According to blog post: “when users download Chrome, they will also receive the latest version of Adobe Flash Player”. Furthermore, plug-in will update itself automatically via Chrome’s auto-update mechanism.

While many people will find this a pleasant surprise, others consider ditching their favorite web browser and search for alternatives.


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  1. mabdul says:

    maybe the not-up-to-date installed flash basis will go done now. for a few people. Really don’t understand why adobe didn’t get the installation and update mechanism better working. This is really fuck. It got better with version 10 (mostly the old flash6 in windows got away), but it doesn’t update every time it should.

  2. Someone says:

    Opera used to have flash bundled with it, and dropped that for some reasons. I think the reasons were a) flash is usually installed already, b) the download becomes bigger when you bundle flash, c) a couple of major security issues at the time.

    So Google is now going the other way around? Where’s the benefit for Google?

  3. nvm says:

    Apple hates Flash.

    Google wants to crush Apple because of Apple’s whining.

    Looks like Google is doing a lot just to piss off Apple these days. Hilarious! :D