Google Becomes Default Firefox Location Provider

By | April 30, 2009 | 3 Comments

Google Becomes Firefox Default Location ProviderGoogle Code Blog today announced that Google’s Location Service became a default location provider in Firefox 3.5 Beta 4.

As the post says: “This means that developers can, with users’ permission, gain access to their approximate location without requiring any additional plug-ins or setting configurations.”

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  1. Why will Firefox have Google search if there is no money involve and now this. It just doesn’t look more then a way to collect as much data as possible that can help google in their advertising strategy.

  2. Of course it helps Google, but it helps Firefox and the user as well. If I search for local parks, I actually get local parks. That’s good for me. If I search for lighting retailers, I get local ones. That’s good for me, AND Google, AND whatever lighting retailer I find, AND I establish a positive association with Firefox giving me what I want. Is all the data gathering a little creepy? Sure. But for the moment everybody wins.

    • sem says:

      Agreed, I also like the fact that I am getting everything local. Having to scroll through random sites that mean absolutely nothing to me is just a waste of time and one of the few flaws that Google is still trying to work out. Now I will not be closing my browser prematurely after clicking the wrong sites over and over again.

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